Stitch Fix Luna Vacay Part 2 & How Stitch Fix Actually Works

Read part 1 of my StitchFix Luna Vacay here. 


Brittany, Nicole, Julie, Gina and I woke up early for a 6:30am fitness class at The Daily Method, a barre studio based out of San Francisco that I had been meaning to try for awhile and was within close proximity to our house. As you know, I love trying new studios when I travel. We signed up the night before for $22 each which isn’t bad in my opinion. Barry’s Bootcamp was holding its grand opening on Saturday, so I was sad to just miss it! If you live in SF, go check it out. So, Daily Method it was… we ran the 1.3 miles to the studio.

IMG 7634

The Class

It was not my favorite barre class but I did enjoy it! I hate judging a studio based on one visit because it depends on the instructor and even day. Abby was our instructor. Initial thoughts were that the abs in the beginning were hard in a good way, lots of planking, the leg portion at the barre was short and the seat work was done lying face down which I had never done and really liked! The class was heavy on the core work, and much less leg than other barre classes I’ve tried. I would give the class a 7 out of 10. It was different than what I’m used to but I’m willing to give another location/instructor a try.

Off To The Hizzy

After we got back, we quickly changed and showered to leave for the Hizzy, aka the Stitch Fix warehouse. I could not believe how big this place was. I can’t say how many packages they ship per day but was shocked. Every item is given a unique tracking code so the clothes are not sorted by style but by size and number. We were put on a little mission to see how they put together a box.

IMG 0444

On your packing slip, there are numbers that correspond to each item’s location in the warehouse. Since things are grouped by size, hopefully you don’t have to run all over the place. We each put together a box and it was sort of fun like a scavenger hunt. Everything was so organized. If an item is missing or damaged, there is a desk for that. It was fun to do the Hizzy jobs but the speed they require was not something I had. We also were able to see the racks of new clothes that were being given labels to be added to the warehouse stock. I took a bunch of pictures of items I liked and pinned them to my Pinterest board if you are curious since that is what every employee at StitchFix said to get a box with your favorite items.

We thought that the stylists filled the boxes and were surprised when we found out it was such an operation. The stylist choses the items then sends the packing slip to the warehouse. The items are placed into the box after being fetched from the racks by hand, then cleaned, buttoned up, and primped for folding. Next, they are wrapped in tissue paper and packed inside the boxes. Style cards are printed and added to the box at the end along with a return shipping bag before being sealed and shipped.

IMG 0050

We headed back to the headquarters for lunch and some serious primping.

My Favorite “Work” Day Ever

The StitchFix and Luna team might as well have asked me what my ideal afternoon looked like because that is what they did. After lunch, they surprised us with a photo shoot complete with a professional make up artist and trip to The Dry Bar. Since I do my hair and make up myself for all of my shoots, I love when someone else does it for me. For my hair, I requested the Southern Belle because I wanted something I know I can’t do on my own. It worked and I loved my do. My straight hair knew it wouldn’t hold so we did extra curl so it would look perfect by the time we took some pictures back at HQ.

IMG 7594

The Photo Shoot

I did not think to bring extra shoes, accessories or bras for that matter since the shoot was a surprise. When I travel, I never pack heels so my footwear was at the mercy of the minimal StitchFix closet. There were two racks of clothes and one accessories table. I knew I wanted to wear the long Tart Adrianna maxi dress for my first look. I never wear maxi dresses because roomie hates them but I think I might start. I paired it with a statement necklace from StitchFix that I wasn’t sure about but love in the photos (middle shot).

IMG 0439

My next look was something I would totally wear every day if I could. I love the bohemian top on the right. We paired it with jeans which were a size smaller than I normally wear but miraculously fit! The bottoms at the shoot were mostly sample sizes so the bottoms were a little challenging to match with the tops we wanted to wear. I lucked out with the fuscia pumps that matched pretty well. The back of the top was color blocked and had a fun slit from the bottom to about 6 inches up. I am requesting this in my next fix.

IMG 7604

My last outfit we went for something funky. The hot pink top and while capris are something I would wear but we matched it with a rocker necklace and camouflage jacket that was a lightweight sweater material. The black pumps went well enough for the photos but I would probably wear a nude pump if given the option. Some of the other girls brought things from their own closets to the shoot but I guess I was in lala land and didn’t get the memo. I loved all three of my outfits and thanks stylists Lucy and Alexandra for their help who were kind enough to lend their own shoes and other accessories to make the day perfect.

IMG 7622

I almost forgot the best part of the shoot was that they brought up cupcakes and macarons! My two favorite treats and not usually staples on my fitness and health sets. I didn’t take any pictures because I was busy eating all of them but Gina grabbed a fabulous picture below that I am sharing.

I love blogger trips and Stitch Fix/Luna knew how to make us enjoy ourselves from the amazing restaurant selections to the activities. IMG 7616

We finished the night with a dinner at Central Kitchen. San Francisco never disappoints me when it comes to food and this farm to table restaurant was outstanding. The sun started to set and it was hard to take pictures of the food, but take my advice and go. My favorite was a kelp noodle and mussels appetizer that was part of the gluten free menu. It was served to us family style which I love when it comes to group dining.

If you haven’t tried out Stitch Fix, I highly recommend it. It’s fun. You don’t have to keep what you don’t like and the shipping is free for returns. You don’t have to order them monthly, but can get them once every 6 weeks or 6 months if you want! If you haven’t tried the new Gluten Free Lemon Vanilla or Chocolate Coconut Almond flavor Luna Protein bars, do yourself a favor and check them out. They have 170 calories, 12g of non GMO soy protein and use 35% organic ingredients.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated to write this post or visit SF, but my flight/room was taken care of by Luna and Stitch Fix. Al the clothes seen above were handed back to the styling closet – which are used for the stylists to see what is in stock, not actually sent out of course. 

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