My New Strength Training Program!

As part of my training for the Urbanathlon, Joe Dowdell gave me a program to follow that has me in the gym pumping iron on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  On Tuesday and Thursday I follow an intense cardio interval workout that requires me to stay within a specific target heart rate zone.

When I first saw the strength program, I thought to myself, “This looks very doable.  I can do this.”

I did not think, “Oh no, I am going to be so sore.”  But I should have.

After the first day of strength training, I can tell you that I am indeed sore and no, I did not predict this after completing the workout!  I felt strong and confident.  I wore my heart rate monitor and including my 10 minute walk to the gym and warm up, I burned almost 400 calories!  The same as that super sweaty interval workout, yet I felt pretty dry.  It took me a total of 1 hour to complete the entire program, including the warm up foam rolling and activation drills.  As soon as I finished, I used the foam roller and had a G Series FIT protein shake to help repair my muscles quickly.

Activation Drill: Forward Band Walks

You can check out the program at CrushingTheCourse.com and I challenge you do do it at least twice a week with me, if you have a gym membership!  The weights I am using are pretty heavy but I know (and you should too) that it will not create “bulk.”  The leanest I ever have been was when I was lifting the most!

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