Summer Favorites Haul

It feel like forever since I last did a haul video sharing my favorite new products so we decided to shoot one while on location during one of my recent shoots. This is not a sponsored video but I voluntarily am adding some products made by a sponsor because they are awesome and you deserve to know. 

1. The Stick

I’m late to The Stick bandwagon but better late than never, right? This travel sized physical therapy wonder child may be my favorite fitness tool since discovering the foam roller. The roller does not exactly travel well. The stick is easy to pack in your pack. In fact, I brought it with my CA last week. It helps increase flexibility, breaks up scar tissue, alleviates tightness from knots and feels like a damn good massage. Mine is the The Travel Stick and only costs $21. After the Heartbreak Hill Half, my left knee was killing me. I could not even slow jog a half mile the following day due to a tight IT band. Using the stick for just 2 weeks has completely cured the issue. I ran 12 miles, pain free on Saturday and I credit this guy. 

2. First Aid Beauty 

There are some products that I love and despite having harsh chemicals, I still use (i.e. my favorite mascaras). However, I am always looks for version that are not harmful. First Aid Beauty has been on my radar for awhile but it wasn’t until I tested this new line that I really fell in love. The cleanser keeps my face soft and clear. Once a week I use the mask for extra help and if I’ve filmed or worked out while wearing make up, I’ll also use the acne pads to exfoliate and treat any pores that may have gotten clogged. They do not use fragrance or parabens, both of which have been linked to potentially causing cancer. 

4. Adidas Chevron Running Shorts

The shorts are my favorite running bottoms that I have worn in a VERY long time. Not only are they flattering around the waist band, but they also have a pocket that fits your phone, energy gel for long runs, keys and do not ride up. They also are slightly longer than most running shorts and the pattern is totally adorable with little chevron stripes. Get your own pair here before they run out. They are currently on sale for $20!

5. Adidas Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

I try to be minimalist when I run, but I need my music and I like to know my heart rate. This heart rate monitor syncs up to my phone when the blue tooth is turned on with any app that has the ability to pick one up like the adidas miCoach app, Runkeeper or even Pear. Priced at $60 is the going rate for most bluetooth HR monitors and this one is as accurate as they come in my opinion. It syncs up with my TomTom watch as well. If you are looking for a new one, get it here. 

5. Coola Sunscreen

I love Coola Sport Continuous Sunscreen Spray in SPF 30 for its pina colada scent, lack of harmful ingredients and ease of putting on before I head out the door. It is not greasy and doesn’t feel chalky like their face sunscreen. 

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