The Ab Workout Celebrities and Models Swear By | 10-minute Lagree Pilates Ab Workout Video

I love SPX Pilates which is also known as the Lagree method. If you live in Boston, you can try it out yourself at Btone. If you live in NYC, they have SLT. There are studios all over the country but these are the few I have been to. This fitness method is super popular among celebrities because it’s effective in helping create strong and sculpted feminine muscles.  Sofia Vergara, Chrissy Teigen and Victoria’s Secret models are fans, as am I!

I went during most of my pregnancy and returned 6 weeks postpartum. Look at how small Tommy is!

BTone North End

It’s a Pilates workout on steroids performed on a machine called the megaformer that you can see above. My friend Nicole, creator or Pumps & Iron, teaches at my Boston studio and agreed to share one of her ab workouts on my YouTube. Classes can cost up to $34 a pop for jus 45-minutes. But this workout is FREE. The only hitch is that obviously viewers at home do not have a megaformer lying around in their living room or even the gym. We did the workout on a hardwood floor using towels and gliders to mimic the megaformer’s movement.

You can do this workout at home along with us, we shot it in real time. I needed a break part of the way though. You can take it with me or keep going. It’s that hard.

If you’re doing it on a hardwood floor like us, you can use gliders, towels, an old tank top, paper towel, whatever. If you are doing it on carpet, you can use paper or plastic plates, anything that will let you move without much friction.
model abs agree fitness megaformer ab workout

I know what you’re thinking… an ab workout right before Thanksgiving? Yep. It’s a challenge.

Do this workout on Thursday. It’s ten minutes long. You can do it hungover in your kitchen while the turkey bakes in the oven.


Ready for the challenge? Watch the video below. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for new videos every Tuesday. Also subscribe to Nicole’s new(ish) channel for more workouts. Add the workouts you love to a special playlist to save for later so you don’t forget and lose these amazing routines!

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