The First Athleta in MA, PLUS National Running Day!

Last night, I attended the grand opening of Athleta in the Burlington Mall. It is the first store for the brand in Massachusetts. I visited my first location in San Francisco and was shocked at how much more I liked the clothes in person than in the catalog so I was happy to hear they were setting up shop locally!
Athleta partnered with Boston Magazine to promote the event. I was shocked at how many people showed up to be the first to see the clothes in person.

They gave out healthy appetizers and glasses of champagne at the door which always lures in the die-hard shopper. I was slightly surprised at people’s willingness to wait in line however. It’s not like it’s pop up store, it will be open tomorrow. Whatever. I like the brand and am excited for them!

I learned that Athleta clothing is designed by female athletes, including marathon runner and iron man competitors. In addition to athletic apparel, they also have dresses, bathing suits, hiking outfits and other casual every day clothes. They are much cuter in person in my opinion. One thing that made me smile was that their mannequins have booties! They weren’t happy with the model plastics when they first started opening up shops so they created a mold from one of their actual models bodies! Each has muscle definition and realistic proportions.

I tried on a few maxi dresses that looked great but opted to buy this aqua t-shirt after the staffers all agreed it was their favorite, must have of the season.

It took me an entire hour to get to Burlington but only 20 minutes to get home! Oh rush hour traffic, not sure how people deal with the ‘burbs. Before I left, I took a frozen filet of salmon marinating in chimichuri sauce out of the freezer and into a bowl of cold water. When I got back I turned on the over to 400F and washed off some green beans. Twenty minutes later, I had steamed green beans and salmon for dinner. It was filling and tasted great.

Did you know today is National Running Day? Of course I woke up and went for an interval booty call this morning and snapped this picture along the Charles.

I did an interval type run that consisted of a 5 minute warm up, followed by 1 minute fast and 2 minutes of jogging, repeated indefinitely or until I got home! What are you planning to do today for National Running Day!? The app I use is RunKeeper. It has a special coach that tells me when my intervals begin and end. It also lets me know when I’ve run another mile. It’s great.

Running Question of The Day:

What is your favorite running app? Do you use apps when you run?

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