The “Fit’s” First Christmas

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this but as a joke, many of our friends refer to us as the Fits. As with many of our married friends, Nick and I have different last names so to just call us the Fit family is easiest.

For our first Christmas together, we stayed in Boston and started it as a fit family should by working out. This almost didn’t happen though…

On Christmas Eve, I took a bootcamp class at Turnstyle in the South End with Britt. Loved it! Great way to start the weekend festivities of eating too much. Class flew by and it was very challenging. I highly recommend trying out one of her classes.

We planned to visit Boston Winter at City Hall Plaza but with the rain, we stayed inside and watched the Patriots instead on TV, wrapping gifts, baking cookies and making dinner at home.

I went to bed at 11 pm and Tommy got up at 12:15 am crying. He woke up sick after throwing up in his bed and we were up with him for over 2 hours.

I finally was able to put Tommy to sleep in his own crib at around 2:30 am. He woke up 4 hours later and seemed to be in a pretty good mood.

Nick and I got about 5 hours of sleep barely. I was exhausted but we signed up for Recycle Studio’s Slay Ride at 9 am and I’m not one to ever late cancel so off we went. Nick’s mom and sister watched Tommy at home.

Look! We match!!

slay ride recycle studio christmas ride

Nick never spins. This was probably his 5th time ever going with me to a studio but it was nice to do something together for Christmas morning since we had company the whole weekend. Lindsay teaches class on Christmas morning every year at Recycle Studio. I love that they always have classes on holidays for crazies like me.

After class, I felt energized surprisingly. Once Tommy is old enough to understand Santa, I won’t be exercising before opening gifts. I think that would be torturous for a child.

I made a quiche and bought cinnamon buns from Flour for breakfast and couldn’t wait to get home to eat them. I was looking forward to this as much as the gifts!


The crustless quiche was easy and made essentially with 5 eggs and 3 cups of cheese. I used freshly grated sharp cheddar and added in onions, mushrooms and fresh baby spinach that were sautéed first to get rid of the extra water.



I was so hungry I barely remembered to take a picture. Both were delicious.

After showering and eating breakfast, we opened up stockings and then moved on to exchange gifts. Tommy was napping and I couldn’t wait for him to go next. After a solid 2 hour nap, he seemed like his jolly self again and no trace of the nighttime tummy issues.

As a first time parent, I debated how many gifts I really needed to get Tommy. I bought him one big gift that I thought he would like and then stuck to things I thought we needed. Nick decided to buy him an indoor bike a week before Christmas that he thought Tommy would enjoy. I tried to convey that I had already done the leg work but I wasn’t about to tell dad no.

Tommy's 1st Christmas

It’s crazy to me how Tommy knows how to use the bike already. We don’t really have the space for it but whatever… It’s by Hape, sturdy and made well so it’s a win so far.

Tommy's 1st Christmas 2

We went to my sister’s for Christmas dinner where we celebrated with friends and family. I don’t know why but the only pictures I took were beforehand at our house! I like to think that means I was enjoying everything in the moment.

Family Holiday Picture 2016

In the photo above, I’m wearing a new J.Crew coat I got as well as a new Rails top I got in my StitchFix. I gifted myself my full fix from this month and will be sharing the rest soon.

Tommy got some baby hair gel that he is rocking in his stocking as well. I will refrain from sharing how much I spent on this silly item. If you are curious, his hair did not hold until the end of the day so it wasn’t worth the price tag.

We were blessed to have a wonderful holiday. Tommy also mastered his walking and is getting so good at it. He can do about 20+ steps at this point before “taking a break” or falling.

It seems like everyone is on vacation this week and I’m planning to use it as a recharge before the new year rush. Enjoy your time off if you have it!!



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