According to my favorite comedian, it is officially “let my body go time of year, more commonly known as the F*ck it season.” Watch below if you are confused.

The part about the holidays that I do not understand is the doomed mentality people simply accept when it comes to their health. My challenge for you is to stop this all or nothing way of thinking this season. You bet I plan to have winter punch and cookies at holiday parties, but come the other meals that day or even week, I plan to eat clean, the same as I strive for each day throughout the year. Below are two of my favorite excuses to dispel.

Fitness Excuse: Come January 1st, I’ll Start Working Out Again

Solution: Even if you do not have time to exercise, make an effort to move more. From walking to work to going for a walk on your lunch break, aim to move your body more than you normally would. If it’s getting to the gym that is the battle, workout at home with the help of an online video from YouTube. My newest video this week was made by request for a 30-minute interval based workout without using any equipment. Wake up 40 minutes earlier than usual and do it before work or school. You never regret a workout!

Diet Excuse: Holiday Parties Are Filled With Fatty Appetizers, I Have No Choice


Solution: While the first part of this statement is usually true, the second is not. I have been a victim of the fatty apps many times. I still do on occasion. My saving grace? I offer to bring something. Even when the hostess tells me they have it under control, rarely is there too much food. Put a few cocktails in yours guests and they will eat everything. Not all recipes have to be noticeably healthy either. I love this stuffed mushroom recipe from Hungry Girl featuring crab, red pepper and The Laughing Cow wedges. It tastes rich and creamy, packs in some protein and tastes ridiculously good.

I’m sure you already know these tips to follow before the party but here they are once again:

  • Drink plenty of water before and during the party
  • Have a snack before you go so you are not starving when you get there
  • Don’t drink at all if you really want to make sure you stick to whatever diet you are following. Alcohol lower inhibitions and eventually you will forget about that goal of yours. I am guilty of this one so when I need to really be good for a photoshoot, I opt out.
  • Avoid cream based anything like chowder, dip, eggnog, etc.

One last tip or rather secret I follow at parties is that I only eat things that are homemade and I otherwise would not be able to try. For example, Mary makes homemade caramel and chocolate cookies from scratch. Elizabeth brings a box of white chocolate and cranberry bars from the grocery store that look equally as good. I would opt for Mary’s since the odds are more likely you will not be able to eat them at a later date since they are homemade. They most likely have less preservatives and artificial ingredients. Steer clear of the store bought goodies if you can.

The Official “Let My Body Go Time Of Year”

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  • Tara Moreland

    These are great tips. I have been really guilty of overindulging in food and drinks at parties lately, and I keep telling myself the thing about the new year and how I’ll be good starting then. Well, today I looked a picture that was taken of me at a school event this morning, and I saw how heavy I was and knew that if I kept making excuses and waiting, I would never get on track. Self-control is really hard to learn when you’ve had bad habits for so long.

    • Sarah

      Self- control and willpower are something even I struggle with. Trust me. It’s a challenge for everyone. Constant reminders are what help me, especially going to the gym and just seeing all the fit ladies.

  • Julia

    Great post! For some reason Canadians aren’t allowed to see the Chelsea Handler video. She’s so funny … love her too! As for the drinks, I find I can usually maintain a sensible party mindset if I’ve had 1 or 1.5 drinks. Once I get to 2 (or more) drinks, I also have the hardest time not attacking the nachos or sweets. Also, I love this workout you put together. It seems like it will be do-able in smaller spaces (like the world’s smallest apartment). lol

  • CAP

    She’s your favorite comedian? No offense, but that bit wasn’t funny (she needs much better writers). And why focus on the “doomed mentality?” Why do people smoke? Drink? Do drugs? Overeat? Gamble? Because in some corner of their brain, they enjoy it. Whether it’s to escape from society, ridicule, pain, stress, family or themselves. The holidays don’t cause people to overeat; people cause themselves to overeat. It’s why this country, and others like it, are becoming incredibly fat. The normal (weight) people are the minority and the athletic and fit people are an underwhelming minority. And the overweight problem is only worsening. As the average waistline increases, so does it’s acceptability in society. We’re at the critical stage where society can swim to safety or ride the whirlpool down the drain. I’d prefer to swim. But chances are, the overweight majority will unanimously select the easy way out -- demanding that someone else do the hard work, because it’s not their fault they’re fat. Sugarcoating the problem doesn’t make it any more palatable. Anyway, that’s enough of the soapbox.

    You body is your temple; treat it as such. You are what you eat.

    Have you considered adding more workout style variety to your videos/site? Most of it’s cardio based. What about static contraction ( I know the article only references two exercises, but it’s adaptable to others. Isometrics are quite similar, but not as ultra high intensity.

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