The Official Video: The Protein Pancake Recipe

Were you wishing and hoping I would do a video demonstrating my protein pancake making skills?  If so, you are in luck because that is exactly what I did!  Here is the official video featuring the protein pancake recipe:


Q: How many calories are in the PP?

A: That depends on your ingredients specifically the size of your banana and the number of calories in a scoop of your protein powder (mine range from 80-120).  Mine run about 200 calories with 20 g of protein, 4 g of fat and 4 g of fiber.

Q: I am allergic to or do not like bananas. What can I use instead?

A: Canned pumpkin and applesauce are two fabulous options.  I also sometimes use 3 tbsp of cooked steel cut oats for a reduced sugar version.  It’s not as fluffy but still holds up well in the pan and looks like a pancake.  It’s a bit crispier.

Q: Can I use a flaxseed egg instead?

A: I have no tried this but have been told is doesn’t really work.  Try the buckwheat bake instead.

Q: Is the protein powder ruined by the baking/frying process?

A: I researched this topic and the only thing I saw regarding any danger was that the heat may break down some of the amino acids in the protein powder.  These aminos however are tough for our bodies to digest and often pass through anyway meaning that you are not losing out on the benefits of protein powder.  Use a high quality powder without many additives to reduce chemical changes in cheap ingredients.

Q: Can I use another protein powder besides Whey if I’m lactose intolerant or Vegan?

A: YES! To see what other kinds of protein powder I recommend, check out my 411 protein powder post here about the best powders and options for vegans.  If you are lactose intolerant, try a whey protein ISOLATE. It has very little lactose in it and you may not have a reaction to it.  If you are severely allergic, avoid this idea, but if it’s just a mild sensitivity, give it go.

Question of The Day:

I like to add blueberries to my protein pancakes or eat with peanut butter.  What is your favorite combination?

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