The Only Lower Body Move You Need + Workout

So you want to know what the best lower body move is, the most effective exercise to work your legs and booty?

The lower body is a tricky part of the body for many females when it comes to working out. They want to have definition but they don’t want bulk. They want to lift without adding width. The number one factor that will determine the shape of your lower body is genetics. The other factors include percentage of body fat, how much muscle you have, and what exercises you do or don’t do for that matter. Runners and dancers have quite different lower bodies, as do sprinters vs long distance runners. I’ve never been a dancer so getting that body at 30 is not happening no matter how many barre classes I take. Sorry to break the news.

Regardless of what you are looking for, or what your genetics are, there is only one move you really need to build definition, gain strength and lift. I hate the words tone up because in order to do that, you need to lose fat most likely first, but sure, that’s what this move will do.

In this video I share my 3 favorite variations, but I have many, many more!

I’ve said this a million times but to reiterate – you will not bulk up unless you are squatting 50+ lbs, maxing out by the end of 8 reps, don’t 3-4 sets, eating 24+ grams of protein right after you finish your workout and are deliberately TRYING to gain muscle mass. You will not bulk up by accident unless you genetically have more testosterone than 99% of women.

You will NOT bulk up if you are using 0-20 lb dumbbells, doing 12-20 reps and eating a normal 100-250 calorie post workout snack. Some of you will not bulk up even lifting 100lbs, it’s genetics!!!!!!!!!

Quick Leg & Booty Workout

Warm Up: 1 minute body weight squats

Set 1  – Rest 20 seconds in between each move

15-20 reps Sumo Squats with 8-12 lb dumbbells

12 reps Single Leg Squat Right Leg using bodyweight

12 reps Single Leg Squat Left Leg using bodyweight

Rest 1 minute, repeat 2 more times.


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