My trip last week to NYC was to see how physically fit I really am.  I got to meet with Joe Dowdell who is one of the most sought after trainers in the world.  He has an amazing facility in the city and I am so lucky to have been able to be a guest. I am happy with the fit results!

Oh so flexible!

As far as the body composition results, I knew what I should be expecting and was not pleasantly surprised.  Find out what I got over at It just goes to show, it’s 80% diet when it comes to your weight!  I always eat a healthful diet, but I do love my sweet treats and cocktails!  I know when I overdo it but I also know that when I reach that 10 lb max I allow myself to fluctuate, I can lose it.

Here are the results from my fitness tests:

Out of a possible 21 points, you scored an 18 on the movement screen. This is outstanding! You are incredibly flexible and well-balanced. A score this high puts you at a very low risk of injury while training, and she should have no trouble performing intense exercise. For you, the warmup should focus on raisingyour core temperature and priming her nervous system for the workout.

Your iMett score was also fantastic! She scored “Good” on the test, and did about 40% better than the software predicted she would based on your age.Your body uses oxygen very well, which means you can do a lot of cardio before becoming winded or tired. You also were very good at recovering from exercise. Your heart rate dropped 65 beats—from 178 down to 113—in just two minutes. The faster someone returns to their resting heart rate after exercise, the better that person’s cardiovascular fitness is. You recover from exercise better than most people!

As part of my Men’s Health/Women’s Health/Gatorade blogging gig, this trip is documented over at Please go visit and leave a comment to let me know what you thought!?  Would you like to have your body composition taken?

The results of my fit tests!

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  • Scott

    Congrats on your mostly awesome fitness test results! For us non-trainer folks, what does a fit test like the one your went through (including VO2 Max testing) cost? I’m a runner and cyclist and VO2 max is an important number when it comes to lactate threshold training, as I’m sure you know! Thanks!

  • Di

    Hi Sarah, what bio-impedance machine did they use to do your body fat test? I had mine done hydrostatic, calippers and machines. As you know hdrostatic is the gold standard and the machines I’ve tried before were off, by a LOT!. I was measured at 15% hyrdo and was 19-23 on machines! Just suggesting you get a hydro measurement for a more accurate result

    • Sarah

      I agree, but I think this is as high as it gets. I’ve had mine done and this seems pretty accurate considering I have been probably having too many cupcakes lately 🙂 haha but you are 100% right, most scales are NOT accurate.

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