Third Trimester Strength Training PreNatal Workout

When it comes to working out during your third trimester, while safe, you may simply be too uncomfortable. Luckily since I was active throughout, I could continue a modified fitness routine to the end.

My last workout was an interval treadmill routine alternating between inclines at 3 mph. My second to last workout was a 20 minute elliptical session followed by this 20 minute strength training routine. You can do this workout at home or at the gym at your own pace. I used 12 lb dumbbells at the gym but since I only have 8’s at home, I used those instead for the video.

Third Trimester Pre Natal Workout

Time: 20 minutes
Equipment: 1 set of dumbbells, exercise ball

Do each move a total of 12-20 reps depending on weight. Less if you are using a heavier set, more if lighter. This workout focuses on arms for strength holding your baby, back for posture carrying the extra weight, chest to even yourself out and work a little core, and lower body for labor! Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 sets. Rest as needed between exercises but to finish in 20 minutes, aim for 45 seconds or less. I didn’t time myself, I just waddled to the next move.

  1. Bicep Curl on Med Ball
  2. Shoulder Press on Med Ball
  3. Med Ball Modified Squat
  4. Bent Over Row
  5. Incline Push ups

Watch the video for details on how to do each move.

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