Video: Summer Haul Featuring My Latest Obsessions

This week’s new video features a summer haul with some of my favorite products right now that I’m loving.

Bloggers do these “Things I’m Loving” monthly or weekly posts. Since I am a blogger, I know that a lot (maybe most or all sometimes) are things that the blogger has been sent for free from a PR company or directly from a brand. While we are supposed to disclose this information, not everyone plays by the rules and even when we do, there are always grey areas. I’m not getting paid so do I need to disclose that I got it for free?

In my video above, you can see why I’m obsessed with these new items but below, I’m going to share how I came to discover them, something I think might be interesting but is more for full disclosure.

I truly do love all of the products and would not have included them if I did not but wanted to be transparent. Hopefully this helps show you guys how this whole “influencer” marketing works even when money is not exchanged.

#1. Smart Pants Pre Natal Vitamins

I discovered Smarty Pants at the Pittsburgh Marathon Convention at a table giving away samples in April of 20016. The nutritionist recognized me and gave me a bottle. I loved them so much, I recently bought a new bottle using my Amazon Prime membership which is the bottle featured in the video.

#2. Chameleon Cold Brew

I got a package in the mail with a few bottle of Chameleon Cold Brew and chocolate bars from Chuao. I honestly have no idea where they got my address or that it was even coming. This happens from time to time. I will admit that I ate the chocolate bars faster than I want to admit and was obsessed with the coffee. It honestly tastes better than Starbucks or Cafe Nero iced coffee. It’s on sale right now at Whole Foods for $9.99 (reg $11, 8 servings) so yes it’s expensive but compared to a medium iced coffee it’s comparable to 3 purchases! I have continued to buy it at my local Whole Foods since trying it because it is that good. The chuao bars were good to, but I try not to keep delicious chocolate bars in the house. You can find it near you here. 

#3. RX Bars

I’ve never spoken to any PR person at RX Bar. I bought a few of them from Trader Joe’s and Nick really likes them so I keep buying them. They are handy to have in my purse when we are out and about with Tommy. You can also buy them online.

#4. Aloha Protein Bars

I have been a huge fan of Aloha products since I first tried them 3 years ago. I do have a hard time locating them at my local grocery store since I usually do shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. I recently was sent samples to test out and am going to be doing a dedicated post with them coming up featuring their protein powder but I can’t get enough of their protein bars and wanted to share the love since a good bar is hard to come by. You can buy these at Stop & Shop as well as Amazon and Target, too.

#5. Vital Proteins

As you now know, I’m doing a sponsored vlog with Vital Proteins but I’m trying it out first! My mom has been using it for a few weeks now and already has noticed a dramatic difference in her chronic neck pain as a result of osteoarthritis. She’s unsure if it’s a placebo effect but I am already convinced it’s the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. People love it for a reason. They have almost a 5 star rating and over 1000 reviews on Amazon!

#6. Bai Bubbles

I’ve been buying Bai at grocery stores and convenience stores for years. You know when you pull over to get gas and you want something that isn’t water but you don’t want a Gatorade or a soda? The options are LIMITED. That’s how I discovered Bai. I love the Mango in particular. I was a fan long before I was contacted by their Boston rep to try some of their new bubbles flavors this past month. So yes, I recently was gifted samples but I love the items dropped off and hadn’t tried them before. I also think they would be a great mixer for summer cocktails! Find it near you here.

This is pretty much 95% of the time how products end up in your magazines, too. I also should note that one of my favorite things used to be grocery shopping. I could grocery shop for hours! I just loved browsing the aisles, reading every label. I do not have the time for that anymore so I often do rely on PR people to send me the latest and greatest. If I love it, I continue to purchase when I see it.

If you have any questions, let me know down below in the comments. This post was not sponsored by anyone but I think you know I would have said that already. Amazon links are affiliate links.

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