Walk More, Win Money! The SarahFit StepBet

Today I’m sharing my latest opportunity to motivate you guys to get in more steps throughout the day by winning money through StepBet, the latest from the company that brought us DietBet.

But first, a small warning to my local readers…

I’ve been MIA since Sunday except for on SnapChat because I’m been feeling like death. Please do not eat shellfish right now from the Cape and Islands. I got food poisoning from an oyster over the weekend and have never been so sick in my life. To see the headlines on the front of the Cape Cod Times today is actually for oysters on the ocean side, not the bay so there are still oysters that are “OK” to eat but have already made 100+ people sick over the weekend. If you are planning to go to Oysterfest this weekend in Wellfleet, you’ve been warned! I had two oysters and was violently ill for 12 hours, and miserable for another 36. On a coincidental note, it’s Tommy’s 9 month birthday and this was my ultimate goal to hit my pre-baby weight and I did, and then some, thanks to not eating for 2 days. However, I would gladly take back those 8 lbs if it meant not getting sick.

On to my blog post…

StepBet is a game that rewards you for walking more. If you successfully hit your step goal each week for 6 weeks, you split the “pot” at the end of the game. The pot is made up of each players bet payment. The more the bet, the more you win.

Steps are counted using your iPhone Apple Health, Apple Watch, FitBit, Android Google Fit or Android S Health. At the end of each week, you must remember to sync up your steps with the StepBet app within 24 hours. The first week is a warm up to get used to how things work but after that, if you don’t hit your step goal at the end of the week, you’re eliminated!

The best part about this challenge is that each participant is given a personal and realistic goal number of daily steps based on historical data as well as a “cheat” day where they get a pass. You know, those lazy Sundays or long travel days at the airport or in the car.

step bet

My game starts October 17th! It will last 6 weeks which means it ends right as the Holidays start on November 27th. The entry bet is $40 which means you could win some serious cash for presents this year.

I really liked the concept of the DietBet games but I’m kinda over putting a deadline on weight loss since Tommy was born. I like encouraging activity and this feels like something I can do. It’s also just enough motivation. On days when I do walk a ton and I don’t work out, I feel really good, energized and just happy. It’s nice to be able to be outside and not be overheated or freezing. Hello, Fall!

StepBetSo join me, starting October 17th in my first StepBet!  I’ll be sharing how I’m getting in my steps on my SnapChat (@OfficialSFit) and Instagram Stories (@SarahFit) as well as on the app.

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