We Made It To San Francisco!

We made is to San Francisco! But let me start at the beginning…

On Friday, I woke up in the middle of the night with a 24-hour bug. I had a ton of work and packing that needed to be done and I had to call a babysitter so that I could sleep! I feared the worst but felt good enough by the end of the day. This only added to my stress levels of flying across country with a toddler and a 3-hour time change.

With an April Fools day snow storm in the forecast, I wasn’t sure if we would be able to take off Saturday morning for San Francisco. I was notified that our flight was delayed before we woke up. Tommy got up first at 5:30 am for our now 8:30 am flight.

Our bags were all packed and we called a Lyft at 6:30 am. We managed to only bring a backpack, two carry-on suitcases, a canvas bag (Nick’s “briefcase”), a stroller and car seat. We checked one suitcase and were through security pretty quickly thanks to TSA pre-check.

Sarah Tommy Plane Flying Toddler Tips

We boarded early, sat in the back and had an open seat in the middle where we put our car seat. We did not buy a ticket for T, just lucked out.

He was asleep before we even took off but only slept for an hour. He was awake for the next 4 hours where we alternated between watching Moana on the TV, Daniel Tiger on the iPad, reading books, walking the aisle, playing with cups, snacking and nursing.

Flying Cross Country


The last hour was really the only hour that was tough. Tommy was over-tired and did not want to fall asleep. Nick finally was able to get him to fall asleep on him walking down the aisles.

Tommy sat in the car seat between us probably for less than 2 total hours of the 6 it took us to get to San Francisco. It was nice having the extra space but I don’t know if I would pay for one right now. Sure he had a few screeches but nothing was prolonged and never lasted more than 20 seconds in my opinion. You might want to ask the poor girl sitting in front of me trying to sleep. Tommy couldn’t stop kicking her seat while sitting on my lap.

Tommy Sleep on Plane

I must say that United was overly accommodating and kind! I know they had a recent gaff with leggings so maybe they are over-compensating but I felt so cared for and had a great experience.

We used Lyft to get from the airport to Pacific Heights and headed to the park to get some fresh air and let Tommy run around. My college roommate Caitlin joined us and brought along quite the spread!

Cheese Board


I hired a babysitter through Sensible Sitters so we could go out to dinner Saturday night with our friends. It took no time at all and the gal we were paired up with was great! I put Tommy down for bed at 6pm and after 20 minutes of fighting it because he was over-tired he was asleep.

We went out to dinner at the most amazing restaurant last night called Progress. It was expensive but so delicious. It was a really different concept to me. It was priced per person and you picked 4 options served family style.

Wedge at Progress

Octopus at Progress

The avocado wedge and octopus were my favorite two dishes!

We came home at 10:30 pm and Tommy was awake crying. He had a dirty diaper, the sitter tried to change him and he was very upset. I felt terrible as I hadn’t told her where the diapers were because I assumed he wasn’t going to wake up! He never does. She also was a stranger to him so I couldn’t blame him for being so hysterical. He would not let me put him in the pack and play so he slept with us in bed.

He woke up at 3:15 am because he thought it was 6:15 am but that meant he only slept for 8 hours, 2-3 hours less than he normally gets! We watched some more Daniel Tiger in bed and finally he fell back asleep at 6 and slept for 3 more hours, thank god.

I went for a 30 minute run in the presidio as soon as I could. I hadn’t worked out since Wednesday so my legs felt super fresh.

Running in San Francisco


After I got back, we packed up our things and went to the Off The Grid picnic in the Presidio. It had food trucks, music and tons of families. I had two margaritas which were probably some of the best I’ve had! Tommy ran around and it felt like summer. I wish I had brought shorts and summer essentials.
Presidio Park

We had a picture perfect Sunday-Funday. Tommy napped in his UPPAbaby GLuxe and we ordered dinner in as I now finish writing this blog.

Tommy and Tommy In San Francisco

Again, he fell asleep at 6:30 pm tonight and I’m hoping he sleeps later than 3:15 pm.

I’m excited to go to Barry’s Bootcamp tomorrow in the marina and hopefully hit up some of my favorite places on Chestnut Street. I’ll be working Monday night through Wednesday morning.


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