Week in Workouts Oct 28-Nov 3

It’s been awhile since I shared a week in workouts post so I thought that I would share with you guys what I actually do for my weekly workouts.

I am a member of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss community in addition to being a coach and do the workouts routinely but some weeks, I like to mix things up if I know I can’t follow all of the workouts.

Monday: I went to the gym and used the Peloton bike to do a 30-minute HIIT ride. I do not own a Peloton bike. My gym has five of them and I use them regularly. My favorite instructors are Cody, Emma, Alex and Robin. I have tried a few of Denis’ classes as well and like the few that I tried. I am so a creature of habit and very reluctant to try new instructors.

In the FWTFL community we do low carb/hiit on Monday and Tuesdays. I was not feeling motivated to do the HIIT on my own so I relied on the Peloton to get me excited.

Nick and I some mornings will alternate going to the gym before Tommy goes to school. He went from 6-7 and I went when he got home.

Tuesday: I knew I had a busy day so I ran with the double jogging stroller to do preschool drop off. It takes me about 20 minutes to walk and I can cut that time almost in half by running! It ends up being about 2 miles round trip. Better than nothing in my opinion.

Wednesday: I wake up early and go to the gym after Nick on Wednesday and complete a full body strength workout from the FWTFL portal. There are daily 30 minute workout videos that change every week. They are called home workouts but I do them at the gym because it allows me to challenge myself more with heavier weights. We don’t have a lot of space at home so I only have medium dumbbells. I love doing the workout videos because the head trainer is always sharing what weight she uses and I feel like I can lift a similar amount of weight so I always try to match her. I feel like I have a lower body that might be stronger but she is much stronger upper body wise!

I loved Wednesday’s full body workout. This month we are doing tempo training in the FASTer Way community. So for example when we did a Deadlift we used a 5/2/1/0 tempo meaning we lowered for a count of 5, held at bottom for a count of 2 and then came back to start position on a count of 1 and then went right into the next rep. I’ve been using 30 lbs dumbbells for the deadlifts.

I was very sore from this workout for a couple of days, especially my chest!

Thursday: Preschool drop off run aka mild 20 minute jog. I had a photo shoot in the morning and just didn’t have time to fit in another workout as I’m trying to work more during the hours I have my nanny than just exercise.

Friday: I tried to workout but didn’t get anything done. How does that happen you might ask? The boys weren’t feeling great and I didn’t want to put kids with coughs in gym babysitting. Instead, we went to an open room in our gym that wasn’t in use and I tried to do some exercises. Instead, I set up an obstacle course for the boys out of aerobic steps and we just kind of ran around.

Saturday: Usually this is my favorite FWTFL workout day as we do legs and it’s always a fun one but I wanted to take Barry’s Bootcamp. I haven’t been using my ClassPass credits and wanted to take advantage. I’ve been hesitant to try new instructors but I recently tried Mooch’s class and am a big fan! I highly recommend. Her moves feel challenging, creative and effective without being overly complicated in that I have no idea what I’m doing. The weekend classes are all 50 minutes long which I love. Since I usually workout for 30-40 minutes most days, 60 feels intimidating these days! I can’t believe I actually just typed that.

My only gripe is that I like sticking with the FWTFL schedule and Saturday workouts at Barry’s are Full Body but focus on Upper Body. It made sense to do this class this week because I wasn’t able to do the FWTFL upper body workout on Thursday but I still missed my dedicated leg day as it’s my favorite.

Sunday: I usually rest on Sundays but since I only did 3 workouts this week I took Robin’s 30-minute Greatest Showman Peloton ride and it did not disappoint! I wasn’t in the mood to workout when I began but by the end, the ride had me so emotional and rocking out. I later began to feel super sick so that was why I wasn’t in the mood to workout, lol, but the ride was amazing and I can’t wait to try it again!

So that’s it. As someone who chose the name Sarah Fit, I find it funny that 30 minutes is my max most days when it comes to working out but as I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I feel the most confident I ever have! It’s not about the time put in at the gym but the quality of your workouts and quality of your food.

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