Weekend Family Fun + Dick’s Sporting Goods $50 Giveaway

This weekend, we took our first road trip with Tommy up to Portland, Maine to celebrate his grandma’s birthday. I snap chatted my long run on Saturday morning and we spent the afternoon in town shopping and eating dinner at Zapoteca.

In between the shopping and dinner, I stopped at a hotel to nurse Tommy in a private corner of the lobby. I brought a bottle with some pumped milk, but I forgot to bring an attachment that made the milk spill all over Tommy when turned upside down. Mom learned her lesson to never bring something new when you are away from home. Tested and approved is the only way to go.

The biggest difference this visit was that our dinner reservation was two hours earlier than usual at 6pm.

On our way home on Sunday we took a pit stop to get out of the car and grab a few things at DICK’S Sporting Goods® on Route 1 in Saugus. Tommy was getting ready to eat so I nursed him before going inside. I was tempted to while driving but I waited like a law abiding citizen until the car was in park.

First off, I didn’t know they made sporting goods stores this big! The store took up two whole levels and was very spacious.

You guys raved recently on an Instagram post about Carrie Underwood’s fitness line Calia, which is exclusively at DSG. I asked a question and many of you said you loved this brand. Since the country singer is one of my favorite celebrities, I knew I had to check it out.

IMG 2518

The store was easy to navigate despite our needs being all over the place. First I stopped by the sports section with Nick. He coaches little league baseball here in the South End and needed a new glove for the season.

Soccer balls, shin guards, large water jugs… I miss those days! Walking through these aisles was nostalgic as I could remember the smell sipping from my giant red coleman. I can’t wait for Tommy to play on sports teams when he is older. My best childhood memories come from my youth league days.

I walked over to the Women’s section to discover a large variety of athletic apparel from all the top players like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Reebok and more. I skipped over them to check out the Calia line.

IMG 2521

With the last bit of baby weight, I was looking for flattering tops that I could wear around the house and at the gym. I haven’t gone shopping in forever because it’s hard to navigate stores in the city with a stroller. Having an infant really makes you empathize with people who depend on handicap accessible stores and restaurants. DSG was large enough that we had zero trouble. I could even fit the stroller in the dressing room with me.

I tried on 6 tops, all were long to cover my bum if I want to wear yoga pants all day. I honestly loved all of them but chose 3 to buy for practicality. Two of the tank tops were $22 and the pullover was on sale for $44. I bought the tank in two different colors I liked it so much. It is racer back with fabric gathering at the top.

IMG 2546IMG 2547

I 100% understand why you guys go crazy over this line. The material is totally soft, the cuts flattering, and colors perfect for day to gym wear. They had brighter colors but these days I’m loving neutrals as they don’t show spit up and sweat as much as bright ones.

Lastly, we went upstairs to explore what was going on. In addition to the gym equipment, sports gear, bikes, shoes and apparel downstairs, the upstairs had camping, fishing, tennis, outerwear, golf and water stuff. I could have spent all day exploring but instead went for the beach toys.

IMG 2524

I wanted to buy Tommy one of those inflatable tubes that you put around a baby’s head but didn’t see one as I think they may not be the safest item for a store to sell liability wise… We did buy a couple of fiddlesticks for when my nephews come east this summer to play with at the beach and pool. Hopefully, Tommy can play with them in a couple of years too (if we don’t lose them before then).

IMG 2528

It was the perfect place to stop during our trip home as everyone in the family got something new! The fact that the dressing rooms were so large too was helpful to know for the future if I had needed to nurse the little guy in the store.

We checked out by the shoe department and were laughing at how many different pairs of cleats they sell these days. There are lacrosse cleats, soccer cleats, baseball cleat, football cleats and more. I only ever had to buy soccer cleats and track spikes thankfully. I guess it’s safe to say, we will be stopping here a lot in the years to come on our way to and from Grandma’s.

Win $50 to DICK’s Sporting Goods

By now, you might be wondering, is this post sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods? Yes, and since it is I have a $50 gift card to give one of you. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below this blog post sharing what sports you played, if any, as a child. I’ll be picking the winner this Friday at noon EST.

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and Dick’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own. 

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