Welcome back students, now let’s kick some ass!

Tomorrow morning, I am teaching a total body class at Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston at 9am and I am giving away 5 free passes for you to come and get your ass whipped into shape.

Free Barrys Bootcamp

Why? Because I love my college students. Wake up at 8am, eat a little something, and then hop on your bike or ride the T to Downtown Crossing.

If you have not heard of Barry’s Bootcamp, here is the low down. It’s 60 minutes of cardio mixed with strength training. We might start on a treadmill or we might start on the floor lifting weights. You never know. The treadmill mixes HIIT, hills, sprints and endurance runs. The floor uses dumbbells, medicine balls, bands and benches to hit every trouble zone, sculpting your muscles while the cardio works to melt off the fat on top. The floor is a cross between HIIT and your favorite strength training moves. We move fast so you gotta keep up! The one two punch makes it “the best workout in the world.” Yeah, that is the tagline.

If you are a beginner, do not be intimidated. The 9am class tends to allow me to have the time to cater towards beginners and first timers. All are welcome and all will feel welcome, I promise!

So if you are planning to go out tonight, I don’t care. Make a promise to yourself to start this school year on the right foot. You never regret a workout, and a free one, is even better. Enjoy your Friday night that much more knowing what you did for your body in the morning. You worked hard this summer, don’t let it all go to waste as soon as school starts up again.

So what happens if you love it? We have a student special right now that you can buy that will get you 10 classes for $175. Classes are typically $28… so the special makes Barry’s as cheap as your yoga class that burns 300 calories. At Barry’s you can burn up to 1000… That’s 10 light beers!

You do not have to be a student or new member to win a free spot. To get a free pass, leave a comment below letting me know you wanna come. The first 5 comments will get the passes. If there are more than 5 people who want the pass, still leave a comment so I know to do more events like this! Wanna bring a friend? Tell them to leave a comment too.

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