What I’ve Been Up To: Nantucket & Cape Cod

If you noticed on my Instagram stories that I’m not in Boston you may be wondering where I went.

I left Boston last Tuesday to come down to Cape Cod with Tommy. I then dropped off the nugget and headed over to Nantucket for work. It was the first of three overnight trips scattered throughout two weeks.

I’m teaching a fitness class on behalf of POM Wonderful to editors who are visiting as part of the Cercone Brown Summer House series. I’ve been a couple times in the past and now I’m on the brand side.
Cercone Brown Summer House POM Wonderful Sarah Fit

For my first night, I strolled downtown and had dinner by myself at the brand new Club Car. I rarely eat dinner out alone but I was kept company by Amy Lynn (a Recycle Studio gal living on the island for the summer). The food was amazing and I ordered way too much but of course I had to eat it all.

I ordered an arancini appetizer, a warm greens salad with faro and a white fish entree. I would highly recommend all of them and wish I took prettier pictures but I only had my phone on me. I should note that I also had a glass of Rose… when in Nantucket!

Club Car ACK

Before dinner, I knew I wanted to go to Juice Bar which is actually an ice cream shop. Even though I was totally stuffed, I was a little buzzed and really went for it with the order for the sake of my Instagram.

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I’d love to say, “I only had a few bites” but I ate the whole thing and wasn’t mad about it. It was worth it. I have a rule when it comes to food like this when traveling. Will I be able to eat it tomorrow, next week or next month if I tried to get it? If the answer is no and I really want something, then I go for it like the dinner and ice cream.

Yes I know I said this was the first of 3 nights but I took advantage of the small line in early June.

I stayed at the Hawthorn House which was a super cute little inn downtown. With no air conditioning and an unseasonably hot day, I slept with the windows open which was loud. I woke up at 5 am. So much for sleeping in. I didn’t get up until 6:30 but couldn’t fall back asleep either.

Nick says that whenever he is home without us he always wakes up early too which is so frustrating because I need him to be fully rested when he sees us so I can sleep in! Now, I understand.

I had a couple coupons for breakfast in town so I visited the Lemon Press.

Lemon Press Nantucket

Lemon Press ACK

LP is an amazing little healthy joint that has juices as well as tons of healthy food options. I grabbed energy balls, overnight oats and later avocado toast for lunch. The avo wasn’t my fave but I would totally get the other two again. There were so many options, I went with what people recommended instead of my gut.

Tom Nevers Nantucket

I taught the class at the CBC Summer house and then hopped on a ferry back to Hyannis to see my Tommy. Instead of heading back to Boston, I stayed Wednesday and Thursday night in the Cape. Nick joined on Friday.

On Saturday, Nick and I both went to Nantucket without Tommy! It was out first joint night together away from Tommy. We rented bikes at the Ferry and ventured to a house we were staying at in Dionis. It was a real treat to stay in this house.

We then biked to Cisco brewery, my happy place aka everyone’s happy place. I ran into a friend from college and Nick saw someone from work. I always run into someone I know there.

Cisco Brewery

We biked back to town to return our bikes and go to dinner. I insisted we go to Nautilus and we ended up walking in at the perfect time and being able to sit at the bar despite not being able to get a reservation.

This dinner was one of the best I have had in a LONG time. Seriously. One of my top 10 restaurant experiences. It was delicious, creative, adventurous and left me wanting to go back! The drinks sounded really good too but I was a little in too deep at the time to get one.

Nautilus Nantucket What To Order

I taught Sunday morning but of course woke up long before my alarm. I guess my body is used to being awake by 6 am the latest. So much for getting extra rest.

Nick slept in as I went and taught the second bootcamp class. We were going to meet at the ferry but Uber said it would be $50 to drive him 3 miles!!!! To anyone who lives or goes to ACK, what the heck is up with Uber?! For real. It’s insane. Taxi’s are pricey but Uber is even more. So, we went to go pick him up before our ferry which was stressful since the house was in Tom Nevers. Basically, we had to drive in a triangle and barely made our 11 AM ferry on Father’s Day!

Nick went back to Boston Sunday night and again, I stayed in the Cape with T. He hates being in the car so I planned to just hang tight in the Cape until my classes were over. We are enjoying playdates with summer friends and discovering all the parks.

Tommy Playground

Yesterday I took off on the ferry for the last time to teach in Tom Nevers. I ate dinner, again, at Nautilus because it was that good! I sat by myself at the bar but was sandwiches between two other people who were also eating by themselves so it wasn’t lonely or quiet as I expected! I always stayed over the night before teaching because POM didn’t want to risk my flight or ferry being cancelled due to weather in AM. I flew from Hyannis the first trip but took the ferry the other times.

This ended up being a smart decision as Nantucket was fogged in yesterday and all flights were cancelled. The rest of the POM crew wasn’t able to make it! Apparently Derek Hough (not with POM) flew from LA to NYC to only have his ACK flight cancelled. He drove, DROVE 5.5+ hours to Hyannis, stayed in a hotel in Hyannis and took the 6:30 AM SLOW FERRY to get to the CBC Summer House as part of his gig with a dog food company (that I feel terrible I can’t remember the name). I’ve never thought much about Derek Hough but now I love him! How can you not? What a dedicated hard worker. He looked lovely as well.

Class was fun this AM for me and me only. The editors were all a little hungover from a big night out at the Chicken Box. I felt bad and gave tons of modifications. At least it was a beautiful morning. I then hoped on the 11am ferry to see my nugget who just woke up as I’m finishing writing this post from his ONE nap today. Woot woot – we are getting there.

Now, I’m off to the beach with Tommy to enjoy this gorgeous weather!

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