Why Does FIFA Hate Women?

First, I want to congratulate the U.S. Women’s Soccer team on an amazing victory last night. I didn’t realize how much I missed playing soccer until watching you. More importantly, every lady on every team, showed that hard work pays off and playing like a girl is no longer an insult. You make me smile when I look down at my soccer thighs.


As an American female entrepreneur born in the 80’s, I rarely am stunned by the earning discrepancies between men and women. I know they exist but did you know that the U.s. women’s soccer team will earn $2M for winning the World Cup where as the winner of the men’s world cup, Germany last year, earned $35M!!! Men’s teams eliminated in group play alone receive $8M. [Source]

On top of that, the game last night drew the highest viewing numbers for ANY SOCCER GAME aired in the US – nearly 23 million – 7 million MORE than game 6 of the NBA finals featuring BronBron last month.


How is FIFA still living in the 1920’s where corruption and gender discrimination are easy to get away with????

In 30% of sports, men are paid higher than women. In soccer however, the disparity is significantly the largest. [Source]

In 2007, it was Venus Williams who helped women earn equal prize money at Wimbledon. They had been earning the same amount at the US Open since just 1973 but it took another 34 long years to get the Brits to agree. [Source]

The Boston Marathon didn’t even welcome women to run until 1972 but gave the winning women equal prize money by 1984.

Why does FIFA hate women? Seriously. That is how it comes across. It makes no sense. None. Well, maybe they don’t hate us entirely since they did say Alex Morgan was, “Easy on the eyes.” And, what was up with the robot models who brought out the medals at the ceremony last night?!

I think the sponsors of the 2015 World Cup should show some class since FIFA has none and award the winning women’s teams with equal prize money (or at least half!) out of their own pockets. Yes, Adidas is one of them. So is Budweiser, Visa, Coca Cola, and Hyundai.

That or pull out of supporting such a disingenuous organization and remove yourself from the list of 2018 World Cup Russia sponsor list. This equal pay thing should have been resolved at least a decade ago and it’s embarrassing that these brands have yet to speak up.

On a happy note, hope you all had as much fun as I did this past 4th of July holiday weekend!

*I used to work exclusively with Adidas off and on from 2012-2014 and I still love their running shoes but no longer am contractually attached to them. If I was, I wouldn’t be able to say what I said above.

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