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I love seafood. It’s definitely my protein of choice for taste and nutrition. Eating fish during pregnancy benefits children’s brain development as well as increases your chances of carrying your baby to term. A study at Harvard even found that eating 2 servings per week of omega-3 rich fish lowered risk of dying from coronary disease by 36%. Eating a diet rich in omega-3’s found in fish has even been shown to reduce risk of depression. It is however intimidating to cook and can be expensive. LoveTheWild however is looking to change this and I’m excited to announce today my latest partnership with this small, female owned company that our entire family has been loving.


As I mentioned above, it’s a small company owned by two women who want to disrupt the current seafood market and get more delicious fish into our diets. Their fish are sourced from the finest aquaculture facilities in the world, frozen fresh, and paired vibrant sauces so you can prepare them perfectly every time.

All of their 20-minute seafood kits are high protein, gluten-free, antibiotic free, made with non-GMO ingredients as well as no added hormones.

Their goal is to raise the bar when it comes to traceability and transparency of the fish you are consuming as well as make sustainable aquaculture the norm rather than the exception.

We make bold food that’s good for you and good for the Earth. And this isn’t just the most delicious fish you’ve ever tasted. It’s a chance to make sustainable aquaculture the norm rather than the exception. -Love The Wild

When you choose farmed fish, you’re supporting the lowest-impact form of animal protein on the planet. “Farm raised” in the fish world has a negative connotation and it shouldn’t especially when you know where the fish is coming from and how it was raised. When you buy LoveTheWild products, your fish is not only sustainably raised but also traceable. You’ll see on every package the exact species of fish, farm where it was raised, location, owner, and the type of pen in which it was raised. Leonardo DiCaprio is actually an investor so you know the environment is a top priority of theirs.

Currently they sell microwavable bowls and 20-minute seafood kits in the frozen section of grocery stores including Whole Foods, Wegman’s and Target. Both I can attest to being delicious. They even passed the impossible toddler test! Not lying. Tommy ate an entire adult serving of their rainbow trout with salsa verde. Connor did have a few bites as well but between the two of them, a serving was demolished. As a health and environmentally conscious mom, I am always looking for convenient products to make meal time easier and these have been an amazing addition to our weekly routine.

Aquaculture and Why It’s Important

Aquaculture has been around for centuries. Ancient Romans cultured oysters and the Chinese raised carp 3000 years ago. Aquaculture has zero by catch, which means no animals are unintentionally harmed by fishing lines and nets. There also is no difference in omega-3 content when it comes to wild vs farmed fish as they have been shown to have the same amount.

Aquaculture is also the most resource efficient animal protein on the planet. When done right aquaculture contributes to environmental health by sequestering nutrients in cleaning up the water. Waste is converted into fertilizer and food for algae and seaweed, mollusks, worms, crabs and other fish.

Animal protein needs are going to double by 2050 and to meet those need, aquaculture is the best way to do it.

Some concerns that come up regarding fish consumption are levels of toxins found in fish like PCB’s and mercury. You could safely eat 4 lbs of salmon in a week which means you’d be able to eat a 4 oz serving twice a day, every day and even three times on Sunday. You could also eat 30 lbs of scallops safely! Tilapia, oysters, and shrimp are also 3 favorite types of fish that among the top 10 lowest mercury content. Others include squid, catfish, anchovies, sardines, and clams in addition to the 4 mentioned above.

In short, eating fish just makes sense and LoveTheWild is trying to help you fall in love with it if you don’t already. If you do, they are giving you a convenient meal solution to cooking fish perfectly every time.

My current favorites as mentioned above are the Rainbow Trout with Salsa Verde, available exclusively at Whole Foods as well as Baja Style Taco Bowl which is a quick and easy lunch solution for me. I like to pair them with roasted veggies and depending on the day, roasted sweet potatoes or rice. Just preheat the oven, chop the veggies and wrap the fish in parchment paper.

This post is sponsored by Love The Wild. All thoughts and opinion are my own!

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