Win Money For Losing Weight in 2013

It’s here! The 2013 New Year’s Resolution Sarah Fit DietBet! If you are one of the 600 past participants, get excited for another round. If you are new to the DietBet game, watch the video below for details or sign up right away here.

Basically, if you want to lose weight, studies have shown that money is a huge motivator. When you have cash to lose, you are more likely to follow through with your intention. This is true for signing up for classes that penalize clients for late cancellations and no shows.

You bet $30, that you can lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. That’s it. There is a message board to ask questions, share struggles, look for support and more. You pay through PayPal. Once the bet is over and you submit your final weight, they send you money through PayPal back with your earning if you met the goal.

You need a camera, a scale and full length mirror. You can weigh in at the gym or at home. If you are “broke” as a few YouTubers have expressed, if you meet the goal, then you actually WIN money so you will have more than when you started.

Another contest, that you can enter to win a year long gym membership (or year supply of sneakers if you already have one) is with my favorite sporting goods store City Sports!

If you happen to walk by a City Sports, you can look for my picture with a tweet to promote the contest! You can go in to enter, but also you can enter online by tweeting or uploading a picture to Instagram using the hashtag #IWILLSWEAT. It’s pretty easy but you can read more here on the official FB page with all the rule. I WILL SWEAT City Sports


I have a great video going live tomorrow on YouTube featuring my top 5 best tips to getting back in shape so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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