My New Found Love For Yoga


I have found a new love for Yoga.  In my teens and early twenties, I focused on cardio.  It burned the most calories and I didn’t like wasting time.  Then I discovered Pilates! Perhaps this would get rid of my soccer thighs, I thought!  When that failed, I turned to strength training.  While it helped me shed inches, I didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel for lifting.  Do I keep adding weight?  How many reps do I need to work up to? It didn’t seem efficient anymore.  That’s when Yoga came along.

I had taken a few classes at large gyms but didn’t like any of the instructors.  Then I found Todd from South Boston Yoga.  He teaches at Revolution Fitness as well.  His class was challenging, it made me sweat and most of all, it made me feel relaxed and filled with happy pills.

I then taught myself via YouTube how to do a headstand.  This was my greatest accomplishment of 2009.  It reminded me of being a kid, learning how to do a backhand spring.  I wanted to show it off.  And I did, awkwardly for my sister’s boyfriend’s friend, my trainer and on my blog.   If you have not tried Yoga yet, I highly recommend the practice.  Not only will it relieve stress but it will also increase your flexibility, reduce risk of injury and help firm up your muscles.  Yogi’s also happen to have the cutest workout clothes made for them.

Watch my latest Yoga Abs and Butt workout video.

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