Your Pump Up Workout Playlist For Fall 2016

As a fitness instructor, I used to love putting together killer playlists that would energize my clients and make them want to work harder. I feel like the start of September is appropriate to update your play list as many of my own friends have decided to start a new fitness or diet regimen come Tuesday.

Fall Playlist 2016 Workout HIIT

While I do love me some angry rock, I do love good old pop, dance jams and remixes. This playlist features all new songs, hopefully you’re not sick of them yet, because I’m not. You can follow on Spotify or download them from iTunes and make your own playlist.

This playlist is perfect for HIIT or cardio workouts and it’s just over an hour long. If there is only one song you check out, listen to Millionaire for a Nelly throw back that will bring back a bit of nostalgia,  I promise.

What is your favorite new jam? Did I miss a good one? I mean, surely there is more than just one off of the new Britney album that should be on here. I’ll add it to this Spotify playlist if I like it! 😉

Also, congrats to Erin for winning my $50 NOODLES AND COMPANY gift card giveaway!

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