10-min Summer Vacay Workout Video | Total Body, Real Time

I teach a class at Burn in Boston that I’m loving these days called Power, which is based on the stacked workout formula. I decided to share a favorite sequence with you guys right before the holiday because I know it can be tough to fit in those workouts. If you have just 10 minutes to do a quick strength training workout, DO THIS VIDEO! You can do it along with me, with no equipment needed. Not having a gym is NOT an excuse. It is an intermediate level, total body workout and I think you are going to love it! Save it for later by pinning or printing the image below.

Summer Vacay Stacked Workout

Print friendly version here – Summer Vacay Stacked Workout.pdf

Since the workout is wordy to explain, watch the beginning of the video below at least to get the idea if you plan to do it on your own this weekend. 

Here is how you complete a stacked workout. You will be doing each move for a total of 30 seconds each time. You do move #1 and then you take a break for 30 seconds. Then you do move #1, followed by move #2 and then take a 30 second break. Then you do move #1, move #2, and move #3 back to back. Take a 30 second break and then add on move #4. Get it? The moves get progressively harder. Are you ready to work? Hit play below.


If you are in Boston, come and take a full Power class at Burn with me to do this kind of workout in person! Also, special thank you to Mary Kate for helping me with the awesome graphic. 

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