Is Your Future in Fitness? #InspireHerMind

“What should I major in?”

“How did you get into training?”

“I want to build a business like you, any tips?”

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These are some of the most common questions I get from viewers and readers. The simple answer if you are still in school is to study science. I’m excited to be teaming up with Verizon to help encourage girls to follow their passions and study STEM topics (science, technology, engineering and math). Right now, only 25% of jobs are held in these fields by women. In the next decade however, 80% of ALL jobs will require technology skills alone. We are trying to break down the typical stereotypes that are keeping girls traditionally out of these fields. We believe that getting them interested at a young age is key!

Watch my own science love story below.

I am a self proclaimed fitness geek. I wear my activity tracker, heart rate monitor, gps watch and use my iPhone to play music while I’m running. Through my studies, I’ve learned that I need to keep my heart rate between 140-160 during my long runs to train smart. If I’m running longer than 75 minutes, I also know my body uses up all its readily available glycogen stores and I need to consume something for energy like an energy gel or piece of fruit. I also should be drinking water every 20 minutes during my runs on hot days like yesterday.

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Thanks to science and technology, training for a marathon is doable for someone like me that never thought they would be able to.

Our strength training is more efficient and safe thanks to the many scientific studies. Only have 4 minutes to workout? Try a Tababata interval. Thanks to Dr Izumi Tabata we can feel productive even if we only have 4 minutes to train.

Join VERIZON® in encouraging her love for STEM subjects, using hashtag #InspireHerMind. To learn more, visit http://bit.ly/VerizonSTEM08.

Thank you Verizon for helping sponsor this program and video shown above. I love this initiative! Did you major or study any STEM subjects in school?

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