10 Things I Didn’t Know About Being a Mom

Every week I’m blown away by my son. He is not a prodigy, though he is large, but the daily developments are incredible to watch first hand. Just this morning, I marveled at his ability to get almost his entire foot in his mouth on the changing table. Such a talented yogi already demonstrating “Happy Baby” pose.

I didn’t realize I’d find eating one’s toes so fascinating. Here are 10 other things I didn’t know about being a mom.

1. Babies don’t just cry when they are hungry and wet. 

They cry when they are tired and bored, too. Why didn’t I know this having 4 nieces and nephews?

2. They should really only be up for a maximum of 2 hours at time in the beginning.

Tommy still can’t hang longer than 2 hours. Not sure if all babies are like this at 5 months but ever since we realized this and #1 above, our lives as new parents became drastically easier. We were trying to entertain him when he was exhausted. I would cry too if someone forced me to listen Little Mermaid Karaoke while trying to fall asleep.

3. Taking vitamins doesn’t stop once the baby comes out. 

While I was pregnant, I took New Chapter’s Perfect Prenatal™ multivitamins. I loved them because they are fermented with whole foods and probiotics, and include organic fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs. Literally, the vitamins are whole-food fermented, and non-GMO. They are also gentle to take, even on an empty stomach.

IMG 0625

What I didn’t know is that you should continue to take vitamins while you are breastfeeding! New Chapter also makes Perfect Postnatal™ multivitamins that are geared towards moms who are breastfeeding by including whole-food fermented Iron, Folate, Vitamin B6, Iodine and Vitamin D3. Now, I take these daily to help support my energy needs.*

Perfect Postnatal features a complementary blend of botanicals traditionally used by breastfeeding women, including organic Oat, organic Turmeric and organic Chamomile.
4. Breastfeeding burns a ton of calories, but your body may hold on to the extra pregnancy pounds despite your best efforts. 

I was warned by numerous readers that until you stop breastfeeding, your body may hold on to 5 or 10 lbs more than you’d like. I don’t have an explanation for this. I can tell you that I still have 5 lbs to lose but I think that is because I still eat too much sugar.

IMG 3235

I don’t really mind the extra weight and am not gaining extra, so when I do try to lose the last few, for real for real, I’ll let you know.

5. Breast feeding gets easier but that that doesn’t mean it gets less complicated.

I shared my struggles in earlier blog posts about breast feeding the first couple weeks. Now that it’s pretty easy, I face different challenges. I can’t leave Tommy or be without a pump for over 5 hours. If I want to go away for just one night, I need to pump every 3 hours and store my milk. Then, I either have to dump out the “liquid” gold or figure out a way to keep it cold, get through airport security and make it home, still cold. Luckily, we bought a new family friendly car that has a real power plug and no adapter is needed. I am lucky but women who go back to work and pump deal with this challenge on a daily basis minus the airport security.

IMG 0624

6. You’ll struggle watching the news.

I’ve always been a news junkie and found early on, that I can’t watch it like I used to. The sadness is just too much. Anything with children, baby animals, or young parents causes too much pain. I literally am riddled with anxiety when I see stories like this so I just can’t watch it.

7. Six hours of sleep feels like 12. 

The first time I got 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I thought I woke up after sleeping for days. I had so much energy on what would have been insufficient just months ago.

8. They grow so fast! 

Yeah, yeah, yeah… everyone says this but what people don’t tell you is that your snuggly newborn will not snuggle with you by the time they are 5 months! What!? I think I only got like 3 months of snuggle town with Tommy. Instead of telling me to enjoy every minute those first weeks when I wasn’t enjoying it, people should have said, “See that little nugget? He will not stop squirming in a couple months so enjoy him being so small and wanting to cuddle!”

9. Amazon Prime and iTunes can just take all my money. 

Your sister’s best friends son slept through the night at 3 weeks in a miracle swaddle? I need it. Click. This app will help me identify why my baby is crying at 2:30 pm on a wednesday during week 5 and it costs $10? Of course, I’ll buy it.

I never used to buy apps and now I can’t stop. Also, I used to research everything and really think about my online purchases by reading reviews. Now, if I hear one positive review from a first hand account, I will buy anything. I don’t know what has changed but it’s become much easier to spend money online.

10. You will literally do anything to keep them safe from harm. 

I guess I knew I would feel this way but to actually experience these feelings are life changing. To love someone so much is incomprehensible until they are actually in your life. I love Nick, I love my parents and these rest of my family, but we are all adults and can take care of ourselves. Tommy is 100% dependent on Nick and I. His survival is directly dependent on my actions.

After writing the last line, I looked at my monitor and couldn’t see Tommy in his crib. I could feel my heart pounding in my head and raced up the stairs to see him curled up at the bottom of his crib. Man, I hate this last one.

*New Chapter provided me with free product for my review. 

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