Studio Review: Studio Nantucket

On Tuesday, I left Tommy for the first time overnight. I cried when I left. I cried at the airport but as soon as I arrived on my favorite island, I was good. I missed the munchkin but I no more tears were shed.

I flew to Nantucket from Hyannis for the Cercone Brown Company Summer House. I went a couple of years ago and knew when I got the invite again that I wanted to make it happen. I’ll be sharing more photos and details of my trip but wanted to highlight my friend Meg’s studio, Studio Nantucket, for those of you making the trip out to Nantucket this weekend or later this summer.

Studio Nantucket Review 2

I woke up at 6 am to take a barre class on my first morning to sleep in without my baby… yes, I am a little crazy but without Tommy I knew I would feel well rested and I did. I was 5 minutes late because pumping takes longer in the morning but Meg kindly waited for me to start. The 6:30 AM class however is going to get bumped to 7 AM for the remainder of the summer.

Studio Nantucket Review

Meg Scannell, the owner, and I worked together at Barry’s Bootcamp. She also was a Barre Fusion favorite at Exhale before joining the FlyBarre team in Boston. She moved to Nantucket to open the gorgeous Studio Nantucket right on Federal Street.

Upstairs is a brightly lit boutique featuring a mix or high end and mid priced athleisure and athletic wear from brands like Beyond Yoga and Spiritual Gangster.

Studio Nantucket Retail

Downstairs is the studio where classes are held. The schedule has Barre, Bootcamp and a class that combines a little of both called Studio HIIB (High Intensity Interval Barre).

I took the Barre class and 48 hours later, my thighs and butt are still on sore.

Fans of Exhale and FlyBarre will recognize many of the moves. The warm up was a good challenge and had me sweating and taking breaks! We moved to thigh work first at the bar which toasted my legs. We then did some arms and abs before moving on to butt. Unlike Exhale or Bar Method, you will not be able to predict what body part goes next which is nice and helped time fly by.

I like how Meg choreographed her sequences to the duration of her kick ass songs. If you know when a song ends, you can push yourself harder in my opinion.

Barre on Nantucket Class

We used bands, balls, and weights. It was a nice mix of props. Everything felt clean and new. We used the balls for inner thigh, always a killer, three sets of thighs, two of butt, the rest were arms and abs. We also did round back, pressing our hands into the bar and lifting our legs up towards the ceiling.

As always, Meg’s energy helped push my legs into their shaking point which is why they were so sore. She is very form focused and goes around correcting everyone. If you think you can slack off for a bit, watch out! She’ll come around and correct your posture.

I loved the variety of the class and can’t wait to be back to try HIIB when I’m here for a full week in August.

If you are a fan of Exhale, Bar Method, Pure Barre, or any big Barre studio class – you will love Studio Nantucket as it combines your favorite elements for a challenging and fun workout. It was worth the early wake up call!


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