Gift Guide 2018 – Splurges + Affordable for Kids, Toddlers and Babies

The latest Fitbit and Lululemon Align pants are on everyone’s radar, right? I’ll be sharing my favorite fit gifts soon for last minute shoppers like myself but more pressing are those darn kids whose toys DO sell out. As a parent, sometimes it’s hard to know what to get your children that is age appropriate or even your nieces and nephews. I feel like gift guides aren’t necessary for most people on my list as I like buying things people NEED rather than a nice gesture but I definitely look at kid’s gift guides because I’m clueless.

We luckily live super close to a small local toy store, Tadpole in the South End. If you live nearby, you probably have seen us in there. Tommy might think it’s an extension of the playground. I shot this video to feature some of my favorite gift ideas inside the store.

Below, you’ll find many of the items featured as well as my top picks!

For The Little Artist

Tommy loves these. They are great for car rides as well! Only $5. 

Jac Jac Bird Color It Chalk Book $24
Book & Craft Kit for Winter indoors activities! $14.99

Budding Architect

At Tommy’s parent conference. They told me that he loves using these so I of course had to buy them at home.
Great for City Mom’s to keep in their purse for on the go entertainment at restaurants!
Tegu Blocks $24.99
Affordable first set of Legos. I feature a more extreme box in the video that can be found here! $24.99
Love these blocks are will cause mild injury if thrown at Connor $24.99
This is also on Tommy’s list. We have ton’s of animals and dinosaurs. For an activity, these are create to create little villages with a zoo and other unexpected characters you forgot in the toy box! $49.99.

Budding Musician

Hape Ukelele $19.99 

Adventure Seeker

The best scooter hands down. This is what Tommy got last year! $89.99
Entertainment for the infant for $12.99! 

Older Kiddos

I want to buy this for myself… For kids 8 and up!
Harry Potter has made a comeback! If your kid loves Lego, they will love this!


This is a true splurge at $260 but oh so very Instagram worthy.
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