Madonna has opened up the first of her global gym chain Hard Candy in Mexico City and you too can Vogue while you sweat at steep price of $160 a month plus an $863 joining fee which includes your first 2 months.  

Apparently Madonna helped choose everything from the colors to the machines.  She even weighed in on all the choreography of the group exercise classes and gave them a twist to reflect her style.  Ummmm, when did Madonna get certified?  Just asking.  

My favorite quote is from Madonna herself, who told the BBC, “We spend what it takes to make a globally first-class gym.”

Just curious, but I feel like people who can afford a first class gym spend on trainers or have their trainers come to them.  It’s not the classes but personalized attention.  A great class is amazing and all, but when the choreographer isn’t even certified, what are you really paying for?  This place better have unlimited massages, facials, top of line shampoo, free water bottles, protein shakes and fruit to justify this cost.   

Madonna is crazy for thinking her fitness is worth this money.  

Would you join Madonna’s gym for $160 a month?

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