Cardio Workout: The Laziest Hard Treadmill Workout

Today I decided to do cardio on the dreadmill treadmill.  This workout lasted technically 30 minutes not including warm up and cool down.  This is a great weight loss workout.  If you are new to running, lower the speed on the hard intervals to a pace that is challenging by the end of the 20-seconds.  During the tabata intervals, jump off the treadmill for your rest.  Sure the distance wont be as accurate, but it will help keep your pace during the hard part.  To jump off, place your hand on the railings, and pushup lifting your feet off the treadmill belt and onto the side ramps.  To come back on, take your foot and run it with the belt two times, and on the third jump back on and continue running. 

Time               Speed           Incline

0-2:00           4 mph          2

2:00-4           5.5 mph       2

4:00-4:20      8 mph          2

4:20-4:30     OFF              2

4:30-4:50     8 mph          2 

4:50-5:00     OFF              2

Repeat 3 more x

9:00-10:00   4 mph           2

10:00-15:00   4 mph         10

15:00-17:00   4 mph         3

17:00-17:20    8.5             2

17:20-17:30     OFF

Repeat 17:00-17:30 7 more times (total of 4 minutes of intervals)

21:00-22:00     4 mph        2

23:00-25:00      5.5 mph     2

25:00-30:00      6 mph       2

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