Last night we were given a glimpse into the new trainers for The Biggest Loser.  

If you didn’t watch, here is recap from blog buddy, Gail.

While watching the challenge (which is when I started watching), I immediately concluded that regardless of Bob and Jillian, the “losers” should choose the 4 weeks of immunity.  Even Bob and Jillian agreed.  What would you have chosen?  

Next, during the introduction of the female trainer, Cara Castronova, the producers honestly admit by lack of information that she does not have any certifications.  To be sure about this, I did my research and found that she does not.  According to a post written by my favorite Boston Pilates blogger, Lisa Johnson, on December 16th;

She is very pretty and a two-time Golden Gloves boxing champion with amazingly gorgeous hair.  She has been trying to establish an acting career since 2007 or so and is represented by agents in Hollywood.  It appears, however, she has zippo for certifications.  I can’t find one single reference to a fitness certification anywhere.  I also couldn’t find a reference to her being a personal trainer anywhere.  I don’t know if she’s ever had clients in real life.

How disturbing and annoying is this!?  How can this trainer possible be bred for when Jillian leaves at the end of the season?  Is this even safe?  What are they going to do? Box for two weeks straight?  What if they have shoulder issues as many deconditioned people do?

After doing more research on my own, it appears she is in fact an actress with a new movie coming out in October of 2011 (How sketch does it sound It’s a horror movie with an unknown cast of 3).

What are your thoughts on the casting of the female trainer?  Do you feel she is anywhere even close to being qualified?  Is this beginning of the end for Biggest Loser?

Who is the new Biggest Loser female trainer?

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