Give back to health and wellness charities w/ The Laughing Cow!

I’m so excited to announce an amazing project I’m so proud to be a part of! With the help of cheese lovers across the country, The Laughing Cow is going to donate up to $500,000 to health and wellness initiatives!

The Life Well Laughed Project makes it easy for people like you and me to give back to our communities through delightful snacking. From April 1 through July 15, you can visit www.LifeWellLaughed.com, enter the UPC code found on the outside of the packaging of The Laughing Cow cheese wedges and/or Mini Babybel®cheese, and The Laughing Cow will make a $1 donation to support health and wellness programs.

The Laughing Cow has committed a minimum donation of $250,000, but with consumer participation in the project, the company hopes to realize a maximum donation of $500,000.

Remember when the film crew come to my house for my bday? It might be related to this project 😉

If you have some cheese in your fridge right now, why not visit LifeWellLaughed.com and enter the UPC code today to donate $1?

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