Marathon Monday Makes Me Want To Run

Were you inspired to run a marathon yesterday?  I know I was.  I watched the last .2 miles of the Boston Marathon yesterday in awe of the determination and endurance of the 27,000 runners who ran.  Every year I say, I’m going to run next year.  I then go out for an easy long jog and after 5.5 miles, I realize, “Holy Sh*t. 26.2 miles is really freaking far.  I don’t think my flat feet are going to like training for that and neither will my knees.”  However, I will run the Boston Marathon.  Maybe not next year, but one day I will.  I watched the elite runners at the corner of Comm Ave and Hereford, the 2nd to last turn before they sprint the last leg of the race.

Here is Ryan Hall, the American runner who came in 4th and broke the record for the fastest time recorded by a runner from the US.  It’s been a long time since an American has won Boston.  When the women went by, the American was still winning.  She was “out kicked” by the winner.

Here is the view from Newbury Street.  Hereford was jam packed and no cars were allowed on most of Newbury.  Quite peaceful actually.    

At the finish, the runners were given their medals.  It was quite touching to see them placed over the heads of the runners.  I am so jealous at this point in taking the pictures and wonder when someday that will be me.

Then they get a bag of goodies!  These people just burned up to 2600 calories!  They need some major fuel to recover.  Not sure why Wise potato chips are in this bag, but never the less, bagels, bananas and gatorade should help.

Have you run a marathon?  What inspired you to run your first marathon?  How did you beat thinking “I can’t run a marathon”?   

If you have not run a marathon, do you have any desire to attempt to run one?

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