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I love grocery shopping.  I love to just browse the isles looking for new products to try and share.  Ever since college, I’ve been abandoned as a super market partner.  I’m ok with it though, because I like to take my time.  Since I started blogging, I have found that many of you are like me and that makes me feel in good company.  This past weekend, I noticed a few new products that caught my eye and wanted to share.  

Dannon and Stonyfield have come out with their own lines of Greek Yogurt.  This is good because it means, greek yogurt on sale!  Trader Joe’s is great, but the new TLC show about couponing is making me feel slightly left out.  Beware though!  Many of these fruit flavored yogurt are LOADED with sugar like the product pictured above.  Opt for plain greek yogurt and sweeten it yourself with stevia, honey or fruit.  I will still probably buy my old favorite brands because I like supporting smaller companies and prefer organic but this is great for people looking to save money.

Also, my favorite cereal company has come out with 2 new cereals!  Berry Blossoms and Golden Goodness are now on shelves and look delicious.  I did not buy because I’m trying to slim down for a photo shoot in few weeks, but will definitely be trying them out.  The Berry Blossoms look good to add volume to a home made trail mix and the Golden Goodness would be great to add to your greek yogurt for a lower calorie version of granola.  I would suggest using 1/2 a serving as 1 whole serving is 210 calories for 1 1/4 cup (which is a lot to add to greek yogurt).   

At Walgreens, I saw a new line of Gatorade called G Fit Series.  The electrolyte beverage has only 20 calories and zero chemicals sweeteners!  I bought the mango flavor and loved it.  This is great for a post long run in warm weather because not only are you replacing lost hydration but you also get a few healthy recovery carbs to recharge your muscles and energy!  The zero calorie electrolyte beverages miss out on this benefit so make sure you check these out.  There are 2 other products as a part of the series.  A recovery drink with 120 calories and 12 grams of whey protein and a prime bar for energy pre-workout.  The bars are broken up into 4 pieces, individually wrapped so each one has between 40-50 calories.  I bought both of these and will give you a review later in the week.

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Let me know if you have seen new products that look worthy of giving a try.

Have you seen any new products lately on shelves that you want to try?  

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