I can always rely on my freezer to have nutritious vegetables stocked. Veggies make up the bulk of my meals but when I’m really busy, it can be hard to make it to the store to purchase fresh veggies This recipe is simple, makes 5 hearty portions (perfect for leftovers throughout the week) and is under $5 a serving to make!

Quinoa Succotash

What you need:

  • Quinoa – Pantry, $6.99
  • Lima Beans – Freezer, $2.00
  • Corn – Freezer, $2.00
  • Two Green Onion Stalks – Fresh $ 1.99
  • Two Roma Tomatoes – Fresh $1.50 or canned, chopped & drained
  • Salt, Pepper & Cumin to taste – Pantry
To make this a filling meal, add a lean protein such a organic tofu, grilled chicken, shrimp (another freezer staple of mine) and extra greens like broccoli. Green Onion has a pretty long shelf life and the tomatoes can be substituted with canned or boxed tomatoes that are already chopped up. Just remember to drain them.
Quinoa Succotash Meal

This video is the second installment that I shot with Green Giant in Los Angeles in December. I was excited to partner with a brand that promotes affordability, convenience and nutrition for my readers who do not live next door to a Whole Foods and are forced to shop at regular and sometimes limited grocery stores.

On my site, I try to promote a variety of different workouts and diets. No one size fits all and it’s important to have a few recipes under your belt when you are short on time and trying to avoid getting take out. Plan your meals ahead of time to ensure weight loss/maintenance success. This is a great side dish or main meal.

Check out the video for full recipe details or visit the recipe page at GreenGiant.com!

$5 Dinner Idea: Quinoa Succatash

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  • Lorilyn

    Love this and can’t wait to try it! I’ve had a hard time finding quinoa at a reasonable price in my area, though — in most grocery stores it’s $8-10 for a very small amount. Any suggestions for mail order suppliers that might be a bit more reasonable?

    FYI, Minestrone Soup is my go-to recipe for busy weeks… or even non-busy weeks, especially when we’re having an arctic freeze! I start with Bear Creek minestrone soup mix and add 2-3 cans diced tomatoes, chicken or Italian sausage (it’s awesome with spicy Italian sausage!), 2 cans black beans, 1 can of dark red kidney beans, 2-3 packages of frozen Italian cut green beans, and sometimes a package of frozen lima beans, too. With the larger number of each ingredient (where I listed a range), I can easily make a dutch oven-sized pot full, which lasts a good 5-6 days for my husband and myself.


    • Millason

      I always buy quinoa from bulk bins at my local, natural grocery store. It’s a lot cheaper than buying it prepackaged in a box. The same is true for other staples: steel cut oats, chia seeds, etc.

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