Early Morning Travel

Early morning travel can truly suck and start your day on a seriously unhealthy note. The Lack of sleep causes bad food cravings, the all day sitting burns few calories and other poor diet choices can throw off the start of a nice little trip for pleasure or business.  I’m heading to Laguna Beach today to meet up with a few of my fellow Oakley Ambassadors. With a 6:45 am flight, I got up at 5 am, requested an Uber at 5:20 and was through security by 5:35 am. I wish Logan was always this easy. 

I have never been a morning person so I dedicated my Saturday to tiring myself out so I could go to bed early. This included a 60 minute Total Body Workout at Barry’s follow by a relaxing 90 minute yoga class at Back Bay Yoga. I don’t usually do double headers but I didn’t want to skip my weekly yoga class and expecting my schedule to be pretty busy the next few days, I enjoyed the extra hour of sweat. 

Despite going to bed at 10pm (success!), I made the mistake of eating too close to bed time. I did not sleep well and woke up with a stomach ache, something that always happens without fail if I get less than 6 hours of sleep. I brought a packet of oatmeal and an orange in my carryon for breakfast once I felt better. Before boarding the plane, I grabbed a hot tea and saved the cup to use for my oatmeal in flight.

When the beverage cart came around, I asked for a cup of hot water and made my oatmeal, adding a packet of Truvia I brought from home. Perfect! I think the brand I bought is called Better Oats. 

For lunch, I picked up a salad at a Greek bakery in Chicago at O’Hare. It was made with 4 shrimp, feta, strawberries and mixed greens. It came with a yummy pomegranate dressing, and two asparagus spears which I found odd.

Next stop is Laguna Beach. I have been waiting to visit since I first became addicted to the MTV reality show, Laguna Beach. The Oakley team is staying at a boutique hotel on the beach. We are shooting a bunch of videos for the new community website. Follow my visit on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

Exciting little announcement: I am going to be leading a class in Braintree, MA on February 1st at 2 pm with HerCampus and Boston University at the Reebok Fit Hub in the South Shore Plaza. It’s free attend! I’m going to put you through a workout you can do in your dorm room. That means we will be doing a lot of bodyweight exercises with HIIT cardio that doesn’t  require a lot of room. I’m also going to be doing a book signing so if you want your copied signed or want to BUY a signed copy of Get Skinny Again, come on down afterwards.  The workout will last 45-60 minutes, followed by a Q&A and my book signing. 


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