5 Minute Lean Leg + Booty Lifting Home Workout | SFit Body Boost Workout #2

No weights, no problem! Today, I’m sharing a 5 minute Body Boost workout which is one of the 3 signature workouts found in the SFit gym. Body Boost videos focus on strength training specific body parts and occasionally the total body. Some require weights, but many do not like today’s five minute routine.

If you like this workout, check out the full length version at SFitGym.com.

I love the Body Boost workouts on their own but also as part of my cross training when I’m marathon training. On non-running days, I hate doing cardio so these are perfect. This workout above is a little more cardio than you’ll find in most Body Boost but since it’s 5 minute long, I think you can do it! 🙂

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