YouTube viewers love What I Eat In A Day videos and since my diet has changed to include more carbs and dairy since the last time I did one of these, I decided to shoot another one. However, we shot this before my announcement video was made live and I didn’t know if I would be “out” yet. There is no mention of my bump in this video but it is kinda sorta my current diet with the exception of some ice cream or gummy bears from Surf Sweets!

Sorry for my lack of posts this week. I’m on the last leg of the #FitInParadise tour. I can’t believe it took me over 30 years to discover the gorgeous beaches of Aruba! Curacao is also pretty amazing. I guess now I know why the liquor is the same color as the actual ocean here.

Aruba Yoga Pose

Curacao beach

I am uploading another 5 minute HIIT workout tomorrow to my YouTube channel so be sure to check it out and then visit if you haven’t signed up yet for me to be your new trainer at home.

What I Eat In A Day Pregnancy Edition – Sorta

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    • Sarah

      Yes. I didn’t use it a ton though. I tried to use simple protein powders that didn’t have a ton of ingredients. This one I did use, the Vega Recovery. But again, I used it very sparingly. I liked greek yogurt for post workout and would do smoothies with nut butter and simple hemp or pea protein powders as well.

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