5 Small Lifestyle Changes That Have a Big Impact

It is possible for small lifestyle changes to make a big impact. One of the reasons that diets do not work is because people are not ready to commit to a lifestyle overhaul overnight. These itty-bitty ideas will lead you in the right direction. When I feel my best, is when I follow all 5 of these simple rules. 

How many of these 5 tips do you do on a regular basis? Let me know below in the comments.


There is an annual competition in Boston hosted by BostInno that honors local businesses and entrepreneurs who are “on fire.” I was included in the Sports and Fitness “nominee preview” which features 30 candidates. This group will be narrowed down and then the official nominees will be named. I need YOUR help to be an official nominee. Voting ends on Friday and you can submit your ballot here.  I’m in the Sports category, and you do not have to include a link to my picture although feel free to say that I have my first book coming out in December. Why do I want your vote? While many of my YouTube friends live in LA or NYC, I’m determined to make a name for myself outside the two big media cities and every bit of recognition helps. 

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