Fall is the best season for layering. The mornings start out chilly but by mid afternoon, you’re sweating as soon as you step outdoors. The drastic change makes it fun and easy to get creative and fashionable even wearing your fitness clothes.

This post features a few highlights from one that I wrote for the Adidas Training website. While this one isn’t live just yet, you can check out my previous guest contributor blogs by visiting their site

One of my favorite studio styles to rock on my way to class is layering a comfy hoodie like the one I’m wearing below with a vest or jean jacket. It’s slightly rocker chic enough that your outfit doesn’t scream, I just worked out if you want to pop in a few shops after class on the weekend. It also hides your sweaty tank underneath! This adidas Ultimate fleece is slim fitting which helps keep me warm without adding bulk.

IMG 9873

One of my favorite staples for fall fitness workout clothes is a bright top layer for outdoor workouts. I put it on at the start of my workout and often like to match it to my sneakers. After about 10 minutes, I take it off and wrap it around my waist.

IMG 4940

I’m wearing an adidas fleece above in Red Zest which matches my Boost running shoes perfectly. The color is on trend with high visibility coloring for runners who workout predawn or after sunset. It helps keep you safe so cars and bikers can see you! The bright pink also reminds me of the trendy 80’s neon colors we’ve been wearing all summer. I rarely wear really brightly colored clothes for “going out” purposes but love them with my workout.

Most importantly, comfort is key when it comes to fitness fashions.

Elements that are popular among new fitness styles also include thumb holes! Who knew that the “cool thing to do” in high school, would become an actual trend that most manufacturers have incorporated into their designs!  I remember cutting holes in my soccer sweatshirts to create my own thumbholes.

Hidden key hole pockets are also a big thing this season, as they have been for a couple years. If you are training for a race marathon, these littler compartments are great for storing mid run energy snacks as well as keys but most are too small to fit a phone.

The layered scarf has been a big fitness trend too for a few seasons and is still going strong. A favorite among yogi’s, add a scarf to make any casual fitness look super cool if you can rock it. I cannot. I for some reason look ridiculous is large scarfs which is probably a good thing because they can be pricey!

Off the shoulder shirts are also all the rage this fall! In college we used to cut our shirts so that they would only hang on one shoulder, like high school thumb holes but sluttier. Companies took notice, and started to design shirts that leisurely fall off one shoulder. I do love this look because colorful sports bra straps are perfectly acceptable to rock in public.

What is your favorite fall fashion trend?

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My Favorite Fall Weather Fitness Looks

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