The official Royal Wedding may be over but Catherine and William still have a day of festivities to endure celebrate.  This post is neither health or fitness related.  But this is my blog and I love this stuff.  I watched the hour long special on 20/20 last night, and plan to watch the 2-hour one tonight, and now I’m going to share my favorite Royal Wedding tid bits.  What did I miss?

Kate Middleton’s Dress – LOVED IT.  At first I was disappointed it had sleeves, but at second thought, I decided it was perfect.  I would love it for myself without the long sleeves.  She looks perfect and rather skinny!  How tiny is that waist?  Get the facts behind the rumored Dukan diet she followed.

 Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Sarah Burton

Princess Beatrice of York’s hat has it’s own facebook page already.  Enough said. 

Princess Beatrice of York Hat Royal Wedding

This child will forever beat you in any storytelling contest.  

Oops.  The London Bridge may not have fallen down, but this horsey sure did.  Hope he didn’t get a boo-boo.

Royal Wedding Hangover? Not Yet!

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