Happy Favorite Day To Me!

May 11th is my favorite day.  I posted briefly about it in 2010 and 2009 but I’ve never explained the significance of it.  

In 4th grade, I declared May 11th my favorite day because May was my favorite month and 11 happened to be my soccer number at the time.  Coincidentally, it was my older brother’s due date.  

Has anything ever life changing happened on May 11th?  No.  Roomie usually gets me a card as a joke, which I love.  

May for some reason is the month of hope and energy.  It’s when the trees are in full bloom.  You can smell the flowers without bending over.  It reminds you that winter in New England does come to an end.  It’s the best season to play a sport outdoors given it’s cool temperatures.  It stays light out long enough to eat dinner on my deck, and get in a run after a long day of work without worrying about getting hit by a car!  It holds the weekend that symbolizes the start of summer.  I really do love May.  The number 11 just got lucky.  

Some people think it’s weird I have a favorite day, but I really don’t care.  It’s like having a second birthday, an extra holiday or personal day.  I’m going to celebrate today by testing out my new Vineyard Vines bag that I got as a gift for being a “bridesmaid” in my mom’s wedding this past weekend.  A new bag to use for me is a treat in and of itself.  I’m also going to the MFA tonight! 

Perhaps I’ll also try one of the left over Italian cookies as well from the rehearsal dinner party.  

Do you have a favorite day?

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