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I have been meaning to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for almost a year now.  Last night, my provisional group from the Junior League of Boston chose to explore the new Chiluly glass blowing exhibit for our monthly meeting.  Usually, our meetings consists of wine, cheese, crackers, cookies and girly fun things like visits to Paper Source for card decorating, fondue, etc.  

When we arrived at tummy growling 6:30 pm, the organizer handed each of us a brown paper bag to snack on while going through the exhibits if we were hungry, per the usual.   

I’m not sure if she knew I was a Laughing Cow Community Leader but of course I smiled with excitement.  When I shared with the group why I had to take a picture of our treats, everyone shouted in unison, “Oh my gosh! I love Laughing Cow cheese.”

“I know, me too!  That’s why I love being one of their Community Leaders,” I replied. This tends to be the response I always get, which is why I said “I know.” 

I can’t believe I didn’t have the idea of healthy goody bags myself!  This concept is a simple and healthier alternative to a wine and cheese night with the ladies.  Not only are you socializing and appreciating artistic talent, but you’re up walking around rather than sitting on your butt (like you did all day at work)! 

Some times when I do not want to drink (like before photoshoots), I dread going out and having to explain why I’m the water girl or resist the smell of fresh baked cookies.  Some how, my one daily activity that I thought would be completely unrelated to work turned out to be quite the opposite.  I ate the carrots and the Mini Babybel© Bonbel saving the rest for later.

The exhibit was gorgeous.  I want some of these pieces for my house!

Well not all of them…

If you would like to see more photos from the exhibit, visit my facebook fan page!  See you there!

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