Race Recap: Girls On The Run 5K Boston

This past weekend, I volunteered at the New Balance Girls On The Run 5K on the Esplanade.  Although I am not a coach for GOTR, I was invited to help out after my little gig with The Life Well Laughed Project.  

Read about my experience here.  

I would love to be a coach next semester but it seems like it’s the best gig going on.  All the volunteers there were helping out in hopes of getting the chance to help out with the organization.    

Originally I was not going to run, but at last minute I signed up and grabbed myself a number.  Before the “gun” went off, I was assigned to the Happy Hair table sponsored by Goody who donated some amazing hair accessories.  We decorated the girls’ hair before their big year end race.  

Most of the girls were between ages 5-10 but we were happy to work with clients of all ages 🙂  

Over 200 people registered to run!  While many were the girls involved with GOTR and their coaches who ran with them, there were high school athletic teams and many parents who got in on the fun.  Having run 6 miles on Friday, I wasn’t in tip top racing condition but pulled off a decent 24:30 for time.

There was face painting as well which shown here had no line.  It was later 15 girls deep at many times.  They were a bigger hit than the hair!  However, my favorite moment with the Hill House Dash which featured children ages 1-3 in a 40 yard dash.  Every toddler began running when told to do so.  When they got to the finish line, every single one stopped short afraid to break the ribbon!  It was so cute and you can see they stopped long enough for me to snap this picture!  This was the first spring 5K put on by the Suffolk County GOTR and was an amazing success.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for becoming a coach in the Fall.

I love to volunteer.  Not only does it make me feel good, but it also is a great way to meet young women who live in my neighborhood and love to help out as well.  Do you volunteer in your area?  If so, what do you do?

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