7 Best Protein Bars To Buy At The Grocery Store

I’ve been traveling a lot and as a result, have been eating more bars than usual. Each time I visit Whole Foods, it appears there is another new brand or flavor in the snack bar/protein bar/energy bar aisle. So you don’t have to, I read each nutrition label, taste tested and came up with a short list of my 7 favorite protein bars you can buy at a near by grocery store. 

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The Requirements:

Realistically, I do not buy bars online. I buy them at the grocery store before I travel to have on hand. There are other bars that I like but they were not for sale at my Whole Foods. I’ve been sent them by various PR people to try but I never remember to order them online. I only included ones you could buy conveniently because I assume you are like me and buy what’s on sale at your grocery store. I also only included bars that have less than 11g of sugar and more than 7g of protein. The ingredients needed to be short and simple. Lastly, they had to taste good! I liked a few bars on paper but when I tasted them, I thought I was eating grass. Gross. Alas, your taste may be different than mine. Some of you do not like ThinkThin, I do but I get that we aren’t going to agree 100% of the time on flavors.

Some of these are vegan, raw, gluten free, low carb or macrobiotic. I did not use any of these for my criteria but hope there is one that fits your diet preferences. 

Did I miss your favorite? Some other bars that I really like and would fit my criteria but sadly are not available at Whole Foods include Square Bar and Simply Bar. Let me know down below. 

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