My Superbowl Menu & Why I Didn’t Like That Reebok Commercial

After two heart breaking losses in the Super Bowl, the Patriots finally came back to reclaim the title as the best team in the NFL. If I didn’t live in Boston, I probably wouldn’t mention the Super Bowl but I do… so I am as it pertains to food and fitness.

Holy shit, that game was intense. Even if you are not a fan of the Patriots or the Seahawks, you have to admit that was entertaining! To watch the game, I made some “Sarah Fit” approved snacks as well as other fun game time treats.

IMG 0206

First things first. Katy Perry killed it. I loved the half time show. Was dancing on my couch and would have been on the dance floor if I was at a bar. Missy Elliot might have been my favorite part.

As for the commercials, I decided that I liked BMW, will never use T-Mobile (this video has more dislikes than likes lol), Avocados are funny, maybe I should start wearing pads, Mindy is hilarious, glue + fanny packs = my attention, and puppies are always a good idea. There was one commercial featuring fitness people doing fitness people things from Reebok called Be More Human. You would think that I would like this commercial but here is why I don’t…

I like to work out for me. It makes me feel accomplished, better about myself, my body, it is something I enjoy and I do for myself – not to be better than you. It’s never been competitive for me. I don’t care if I’m stronger than you. I don’t care if I’m faster than you. I do it for me and if you want to improve, I’m here to help you to discover yummy healthy foods and a fitness routine you actually like and look forward to doing! This commercial makes health and fitness feel elitist, exclusive and douchey. I don’t want to be a part of a community that only celebrates people who are willing to do pull ups until the skin on their palms rips. This commercial made me feel inferior. It didn’t inspire me. It made me not want to be associated with fitness people if that is how we come across to people who just starting their fitness journey. I’m clearly in the minority and I know this but was curious if anyone else felt the same? Watching it a second time, I don’t feel as strongly as I did the first time I viewed the commercial it made me never want to be part of any CrossFit box. End rant.

So what was on my menu? Of course I bought crudités with hummus and guacamole.

IMG 0203

We bought delicious tortilla chips from Food Should Taste Good for a Mexican dip that is a Dussault family favorite.

IMG 0200

This recipe is super simple. It’s just cream cheese on the bottom, chopped green chiles, chopped tomatoes, and onions next, a bottle of taco sauce and cheese on top. Put in the oven for 35-40 minutes and enjoy. This dip is addicting and always a crowd pleaser. It is not a low calorie recipe but at least you can pronounce all the ingredients, right?

IMG 0205

I might have had the entire bottle of Oyster Bay while watching. The game was stressful!

IMG 0201

As a main meal idea, I made chicken in the slow cooker with a little butter and Frank’s Red Hot. I use 1/2 cup of Franks to every 2 lbs of chicken and added a little chicken broth. It came out delicious but roomie stood me up with a crazy lobster pasta dish. I laughed when he said he was making it but everyone filled up on his pasta and now we have buff chicken for days. Good thing we are snowed in!

IMG 0202

I enjoyed the chicken on it’s own with a little celery, red onion, and fresh sliced blue cheese. I bought mini rolls to put the chicken for mini buff chick sub rolls, too.

For dessert, I served Georgetown Cupcakes that came in the mail on Thursday from my blog network, Mode Media. I love Mode and their timing was perfect! How else was I going to eat a dozen cupcakes in a week?

IMG 0208

It’s now time for a little shoveling, detox from Ripe Stuff and work while we get pummeled with another snow storm.

green juice snow

What did you think of the Reebok, Always and T-Mobile commercials?


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