9 Struggles Only Fit Girls Understand

I obviously consider myself a fit person since that is well, my blog name. Some of you think I’m legally changing my last name to Fit, but that was an April fools joke. Seriously, people?! That’s ridiculous. My boyfriend and I would never in a million years change our last names to Fit, but it’s cute that some people believed me.

My new video on YouTube from yesterday is titled “9 Struggles Only Fit Girls Understand.” Even if you do not consider yourself fit but workout occasionally, you’ll probably be able to relate. And honestly, if you have any of these struggles you are more fit than most of the population. The word fit to me doesn’t directly correlate to your weight. You can be fit and still want to lose 40 lbs, you can be fit and need to gain 10 lbs. Please don’t be offended if you relate to this video but do not consider yourself fit. I didn’t mean to insult anyone. It’s just a fun video with a catchy title.

Watch the video below to see if you can relate.

Which number most resonated with you?

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