It’s that nauseating time of year again, when all anyone talks about is getting into “bikini shape.” Since I landed my man As I’ve gotten older, I care less about what the scale says and more about how I feel in my clothes – or bathing suit. I challenge you this “bikini season” to ignore the scale and do what you love! From swanky fitness studios to the free fitness movement, do something that you look forward to each day. Try ClassPass for a month and discover new gyms in your city. Sign up for a triathlon or even marathon at the end of the summer. I don’t care what you do, as long as you like it. Try to sweat once a day but don’t sweat what the scale says.

Three SarahFit Approved Bikini Season Workouts To Try


What: November Project & Mountain Athletics Free Workout

When: Tuesday & Thursdays at 6:30pm Boston Common & Esplanade

Mountain Athletics

If you’ve been wanting to try the November project but don’t like to workout in the morning, you’re in luck! They’ve partnered with The North Face/Mountain Athletics to get Bostonians (and 4 other cities) to enjoy exercising outside again after a brutal winter. The workouts will take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:30pm. Tuesdays classes meet in Boston Common at the Soldiers and Sailors monument. Thursday meets at the Hatchshell on the Esplanade. They started last week, March 31st but these free classes will run until the end of June! Now is your chance my fellow sleepers to finally try the November Project.

“Mountain Athletics is all things training – apparel and footwear, expert training programs, tips and athlete videos – all rooted in The North Face unique outdoor heritage of setting goals, pushing personal limits and having more fun outside. Workouts are sport-specific and tailored to each community so runners training for a local marathon can expert lower body and endurance workouts, while climbers can expect to focus on their upper body and agility.”

Sign up here and get the details for other cities including San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, and Dc.

What: Barry’s Bootcamp Summer Stripes Program

When: April 27th-July 3rd, Unlimited classes

If you love Barry’s, you will want to sign up for our second annual Summer Stripes badass program. For $775 or $900, you get unlimited classes for 10 weeks between April 27th – July 3rd. Registration begins on Friday, April 10th and only 200 people will be allowed in so you gotta sign up asap. Everyone gets a pair of running shoes from Nike, gate analysis, limited edition tank or t-shirt, body monitoring (complete with weigh ins and fat analysis), nutrition advice and counseling as well as weekly motivation.

Ten weeks of unlimited classes. Go five times a week and that’s just $15 a class! The $900 option allows you to sign up 10 day – verses 7 – in advance to secure your favorite class times and treadmills, as well as a reduced 6-hour cancellation window. If you live in another city, with a Barry’s Bootcamp – they might be doing a similar program! To sign up, check back in at Barry’s on Friday – call or email if you don’t see it on the website!

What: Public Body Kick Off Party

When: April 29th 6:30pm SEAC

In just 23 days, the sun will be shining bright, spring will be in the air (finally) and Public Body’s Chad Flahive will be running around in his short shorts leading the first session of Public Body. Public Body, self described at insanely delicious outdoor fitness, is one of Boston’s outdoor bootcamps that is expanding this year to both the Boston Common and The South End. Public Body  promises intense fitness experiences mixed with tons of belly laughs and a kick-a** community of fitness lovers. To find out more check out their website at or sign up to attend their opening free workout and party to get a taste and tease of what Public Body has to offer. This event sells out very quickly!


If you live in Boston, this blog post was for you. If you do not, my first fitness video program will be debuting next week so you can workout with me for 15 minutes a day, 3x a week to get into warm weather shape. The workouts are short because I know many of you don’t have a lot of time but they are really hard so that they are still effective. Follow my official S.Fit instagram account for the latest updates…


I have a funny video coming out later today featuring 9 Things Only Fit Girls Understand… I think you’re going to like it so make sure to check my YouTube channel or Facebook page later 🙂


Yep. It’s “Bikini Season” Again…

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  • Cassie

    Nice! I tend to think “bikini season” is quite superficial because that’s when people choose to be fit rather than being healthy their entire lives!

  • Kathleen

    Love your site and so many of your workouts! Will the S.Fit gym be free youtube videos like your other ones? Thank you for all that you do!

    • Sarah

      Hi Kathleen, We’ve put a ton of time and money into making the videos so they are going to be $10/month but you will have a training calendar to follow along with it so they just wont be a sea of 30+ videos. I’ll be sharing one of the full length videos on my YouTube channel for free to start so you get an idea of what the videos are like. You’ll have a program to follow and access to a nutrition plan if you want it.

  • Zyin Wong

    It’s really sweet that you do not forget those not staying in Boston! Looking forward for your NEW DIGITAL GYM!!!

  • Pete Randall

    I’m really glad I found this site! I really like the articles, they are very thought out and well written. What a nice place to learn!.

  • Lindsey

    Woo hoo! I am one of the trainers for the North Face workouts! Thank you for featuring us -- I am pumped. You should come check it out!

    • Sarah

      I will be there! I am training for the Boston Marathon so as soon as it’s over and I’m not hobbling around, I’ll find you. Which location do you train at?

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