A New Class To Make Me Sweat! Barre Blast at BTone Fitness

In need of some cardio, this weekend I signed up for Michele’s Barre Blast at BTone Fitness on Newbury Street. I loved the Barre Blast class when I took it this summer but with my Bar Method membership, I haven’t been making my usual rounds. I signed up knowing I was in for a sweat session but forgot how hard it really was. 

The class is not your typical barre class at all! It uses some of the movements you might be familiar with from a barre class but they are done very quickly and sandwiched in-between cardio moves like jump squats. It is really challenging, yet enjoyable. The 45-minutes go by super quick and Michele’s blonde hair bouncing while demonstrating the moves makes you happy because she’s sweaty too. The end is dedicated to an arm series which I used 5-lbs to start, and then dropped down to the 3-lbs. 

Michele BTone

Half way through class, I would have gladly taken a break but didn’t. It was a challenge but not impossible and left you feeling accomplished. I love when instructors let you know how many reps or seconds you have left of an exercise because it allows me to test my limits. If I have no idea what is left, I tend to take it easy to start because I’m nervous we could be there forever. Michele did a great job at giving us hints but not the full disclosure so we would push our hardest the entire time.

I was happy I went back. I probably burned about 400 calories during the 45 minute class. The class regularly sells out weeks in advance (I got off the wait list due to the “storm” we were predicted to have) and now I know why! Your first class at B-Tone is always $5, so give it a try if you want a Sunday cardio session before hitting the shops on Newbury. They have showers 🙂

Got a Question? Ask Me LIVE Today, February 28th at 3 pm EST on YouTube! 

I know not all my blog readers care about my YouTube channel, but they allow you to create live videos now! It’s pretty cool because after the life “show” the video transfers into a regular YouTube video that you can watch later. The comments update while shooting so it makes it really easy to answer your questions in real time. Today, my buddy Lauren Hefez is going to be joining me on the chat to talk about getting your own channel started on YouTube and some Spring Break diet and exercise tips. Think crowded gyms, eating disorders on campus, what to eat on vacation in Mexico and how not to drink your calorie allowance before 5 pm! 

To join the live chat, head over to YouTube at 3 PM EST, and visit my channel or click here.  Can’t make it? Leave your question below and watch the video later to see what we said!


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