A New Favorite Group Exercise Class – MetCon3 at Equinox

If muscle fatigue and all out breathlessness doesn’t sound appealing to you, this quick class review might not be for you. I enjoy pushing my limits, hence my participation in Reach The Beach, and was looking for inspiration for my first non-RTB related training workout. Timing wise, MetCon3 fit my schedule perfectly. I had taken notice of the packed class and beet-red sweaty faces leaving in prior weeks as I like the Barre Burn class with Lauren afterwards and was intrigued.

The description according to Equinox describes the class with the following: “Meet your goals head on and fully amped in body and mind! Perfectly scripted, this high-intensity metabolic conditioning workout taxes all 3 energy systems and acts like a fat-incinerator to ensure results that leave you fit and motivated for the demands of your life. ” Suffice to say, I had no idea what to expect.

I arrived 5 minutes early and already the class was out of the Step 360, the instructor Kristy let me use hers. The Step 360 looks like a step but instead of resting on a hard surface, it sits on two round tubes that create a less stable, bosu ball like experience. I also grabbed 2 pairs of dumbbells, a set of 10 lbs and 5 lbs as well as a body bar that was 9 lbs (it was too light but I didn’t know what we were using it for at first).

The instructor wrote our workout on the mirrors in front but since I was squished in back I couldn’t read it. It ended up not mattering at all. We began with a quick warm up and then ran through 10 moves, doing about 4-6 reps of each one. This was when I realized this was a timed circuit class! I love timed circuits. Many of you know I’m a huge fan of the Nike Training app and this class was probably the most similar group exercise session I’ve taken. I later found out the exercises are meant to mimic real like movements.

We performed each move for a total of 1 minute and quickly moved on to the next. After we completed all 10 moves, we rested for one minute before starting again. Here were a few of the moves as best I can remember them:

  • Alternating backwards lunge off the Step 360 with body bar resting on shoulders. We stepped back and then tapped out foot into a curtsy lunge and then returned to start. Repeat with the opposite leg.
  • Chest press on the Step 360 with butt lifted in a bridge.
  • Forearm plank on the Step 360 bringing one knee in at a time to our chest and extending back out with a quick butt lift. Switch and repeat with opposite leg.
  • Side lunge with body bar using it like a kayak oar.
  • Side to side jumping over the step 360.
  • Reverse fly on our knees.
  • Squat jump with one foot on the Step 360 the entire time.
  • Squat with a shoulder press using the body bar and traveling across the Step 360 to perform a squat on the opposite side of the step. Each time, the foot closest to center stays on the step.
  • A low back row.
  • Diagonal lunges using our hand weights.

We finished with a quick little challenge that consisted of push up squat thrusts (aka Burpees), high knees, and jumping lunges. I finished with a successful beet-red face.

My only complaint about the class, and again like all my class reviews really isn’t really a complaint against the instructor, but you need to take it a few times to know what weights to use. While the 10’s were great for the lower body exercises, they were too heavy for some of the high rep upper body stuff we did but not heavy enough for the chest presses for me. Kristy did a great job pushing us to do our with inspiration like, “Train how you want to look.” Her instructions were simple and the moves were easy to follow. I wore my new Reebok CrossFit outfit from our blogger meetup and was relieved I did not need an extra sports bra under the small top! Success!

I will most certainly be taking this class again. My glutes are a little sore but not too much. I felt challenged and strong at the finish. My favorite part about this type of class is that you know what you are in for after the first 5 minutes so you can push yourself as hard as you like. I hate when you aren’t sure what is coming at the end of a group ex class so you don’t save anything and then the instructor tries to kill you at the end.

I really enjoyed this class and it would be easy to create your own MetCon3 workout yourself if you do not belong to an Equinox. Just pick 10 exercises with at least 2 cardio pumping ones, set up your equipment and get your Gymboss. Rest one minute in between sets and don’t forget to stretch! The time flies, I promise.

Disclaimer: Although I’m a member of Equinox, I don’t have a free membership or get paid to write about the classes I take, which is why I review them the most. 🙂

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